“The funniest part of an adventure is to have it with friends.”

The family you choose will always be there for you

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??#xenses #xensespark

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Life is an adventure , it’s a roller coaster, but it is definitely easier with friends by your side. The people you choose as your family, those that you call friends, the ones that will always be by your side, on the good and the bad times.

Xenses might seem like the perfect place to spend the day with your friends. The things that you will find inside might not be what they seem, and you and your friends will spend the funniest and weirdest day.

Which are the challenges you will find?

There is no place for shame at Xenses. When entering to  the Pinwheel, you will not be sure of what to do or where to go, But then you’ll discover all of the Fantastic Scenarios and all the photo spots.

The less you care about what people say, the funniest pictures you´ll get.

After this, you and your friends will have to make a tough choice, choose between The Inconsensible Circuit or The Consensible. The Inconsensible Circuit will drive you through the craziest town of the Mayan Riviera, prepare yourself because here is when everything gets better.

This is the second challenge you’ll find at Xenses. Don’t even try to figure out what’s going on, because you won’t be able to.  The path is going up,  but at the same time, it’s going down. Water is coming up from the ground?  Everything is so crazy!

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La vecindad del chavo..

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You will question everything and you won’t understand anything. But take it easy, that’s the magic of the Town. Release your creativity and take the funniest pictures.

The day is not over yet. This is just getting better, you and your friends are having the most extraordinary day of your life.

You still have to enjoy the slide and its unexpected finish. Open up your wings and fly free as a bird over the trees. You won’t believe your eyes over this unique place.

We still have one last challenge for you. The Xensatorium awaits for you. A dark tunnel that will test how brave you are. Faith is what will guide you through the darkness, where you will have to trust the sounds and smells you’ll find.

This might be something you wouldn’t dare to do by yourself, but you got your friends with you, and you have to try this.

As soon as you cross the tunnel and reach the light over the Eden and meet your friends you know it was worth it.

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❤️ !! Love #love love #cancun #mexico

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Life is a great dish that is better served with friends around. Tag them so you can plan your next adventure!