Traveling back in time

a year full of stories

Before 2014 comes to an end and we say hello to a brand new year we would like to travel back in time to remember all those important moments we lived this year.

2014 started in a sweet way. We celebrated “Day of the magic kings” with a giant King’s ring.



When February arrived love was in the air, so we made special weddings for our lovely visitors.




As the winter was leaving Riviera Maya in March we celebrated the International Women’s Day,  Frida Kahlo, María Sabina, María Félix were among our special guests during this day.




One of our favorite months was April when we celebrated #30DaysOfNature inviting the community to share with us the nature that surrounded them.




When May arrived it was time for the 8th Sacred Mayan Journey, a tradition that mixes culture, sport and history, where the oarsmen row to Cozumel to search for the message of the goddess Ixchel.




Without even noticing it, summer arrived! We made a bucketlist including all the things that we planned to have fun in the sun.





On June 27 scarlet macaws were released in Veracruz as a part of the reintroduction program that began as a dream almost 22 years ago.




To keep the tradition of the Mayan Ball Game artisans of Sinaloa made the official presentation of 17 balls traditionally made for the Mayan ball game played in Xcaret. The Sinaloa Community helped us rescuing this tradition that is more than a thousand years old.




During September we received travel bloggers from all around the world in order to celebrate TBEX (Travel Bloggers Exchange), we had an special presentation of Xcaret México Espectacular and a fun cocktail party at Hacienda Henequenera.




One of the most touching moments was when Maya, a rescued turtle that received help from our sea turtle hospital was ready to get back to the sea and be free.




Last but not least, we enjoyed the 9th Festival of Life and Death Traditions, during four days we ate, drank, danced and celebrated the joy of living.

So, yes, 2014 has been a wonderful year, but we can not wait for 2015 to arrive and to think about all the surprises it has for us, are you ready to be a part of the new adventure?