Liberty, inocence and beauty.

The butterflies of the biggest Butterfly Pavilion

Butterflies have always been associated with freedom, innocence and beauty. They are maybe the most beautiful insects of the Creation. In spite of their fragility, aztecs considered butterflies the incarnation of the warriors who died in battle.



Butterflies have a very important roll in Nature’s processes, like pollination. They also indicate environmental changes. That’s why butterflies have a privileged place in Xcaret. The Butterfly Pavilion  structure is the first butterfly breeding facility in Mexico. It is 49 feet high and has nearly 38 000 square foot of free flying space. By these characteristics Xcaret’s Butterfly Pavilion is one of the biggest in the world.


Xcaret’s Butterfly Pavilion features only regional species in their natural habitats and its caretakers work diligently with some 5,000 butterflies in an intensive breeding program for 20 endemic species.

Come to Xcaret and visit the Butterfly Pavilion in the morning. That is the best hour to see those beautiful creatures. If you’re lucky, maybe you can see the butterfly’s amazing metamorphosis and how they come out of their cocoon with their new colorful wings.