Rolling through paradise

You will fall in love with these places

One of the things I love the most is riding my bike, that feeling of freedom that I get when I’m cycling it’s unbeatable; the wind in my face, there is nothing that distracts me and my only worry is admiring the road. That’s why every time I travel, I try to visit places where I can go with my own bike or at least rent one as soon as I get there. Quintana Roo is by far a beautiful choice for this, and I can swear that these four places were made for bicycle lovers.


One of my favorite destinations in Quintana Roo. This small island is just a few hours away from Cancun, and it’s perfect for those who love bike rides: no cars, no traffic, only sand roads that will take you directly to one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.

The 4 Best Summer Bike Rides In Riviera Maya
Photo by: dronepicr

Most of the hotels have bicycle rental service, renting one can cost you from 2 USD an hour to $15 USD per day. An excellent choice for those who wish to get to know the island at their own pace and discover the hidden treasures of this tropical place. 

Photo by: Ann-Dabney


One of the highlights of my visit to this archaeological site was riding around the jungle and exploring the road: watching beautiful butterflies of different shapes and colors, listening to cicadas sing while I was heading to the highest pyramid of the Yucatan Peninsula. 

The 4 Best Summer Bike Rides In Riviera Maya
Photo by: karagdur

Lucky for me, the tour I chose already included the bike, so I could move around at my own pace through all the ancient Maya city. There are also places inside Coba where you can rent a bike for $9 USD an hour.


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Isla Mujeres

Discovering this place in a bicycle was quiet an adventure! I was amazed by the surroundings, the colorful houses, and the happy people living in this paradise. While I was heading to the south of the island I could watch the different shades of green and blue in the ocean and at the same time feel the fresh breeze of the sea in my face.

The 4 Best Summer Bike Rides In Riviera Maya
Photo by: annasombor

When I visited Isla Mujeres I took my own bike on the ferry, but there are tons of choices where you can rent a bicycle from $15 USD an hour or $40 USD all day, either way, it’s completely worth it!

Photo by: MexicoDesconocido

Boca Paila

One of the places I love the most for disconnecting from everything and getting in touch with nature. To enjoy Boca Paila with a bike it’s necessary to rent one in Tulum or to bring your own. It’s located approximately one hour away from Tulum, inside the Sian Ka’an biosphere.

The 4 Best Summer Bike Rides In Riviera Maya
Foto por: YucatanProductions

Once you get there, you’ll realize why I love this place. It’s like a huge natural marine where you can enjoy bird watching while you’re peacefully sitting by the dock between the Caribbean Sea and the Muyil lagoon. It’s simply a dream!

Photo by: TulumBikeRides

Don’t forget that we are in the Caribbean, and the sun is our best friend, I suggest you wear a hat, sunglasses, biodegradable sunscreen and always staying hydrated.

Have you visited any of this places on a bike?