12 Months, 12 Challenges

Will you be able to achieve them all?

A new year begins, and we all have goals we would like to achieve throughout the year. But as the months go by, it turns more complicated to keep up with our goals.

This year I wanted to try something different, and I made a list of 12 various and funny activities which can only be found at the Mayan Riviera which I thought I couldn´t miss this 2018. 

12 different activities, divided one for each month. Would you dare to achieve each of them?

1.- Swim in an underground river

Underground rivers are part of a big underground water system which exists under the Mayan Riviera. Swiming at an underground river allows you to relax while you swim with the current of the water and admire the beauty of the rock formations on the tunnels.


2.- Lose my fear of heights

Which would be the best way to overcome the fear of heights? Getting to the tallest point on the Mayan Riviera might seem like the best option. The reward would be the chance to enjoy one of the best viewpoints of this paradise. 


3.- Chill on a beach chair

Leave all worries aside and just enjoy of the Sun while you listen to the sound of the sea and you drink a margarita. 


4.- Swimming with sharks

 An experience full of adrenaline that very few people could say they have done. Swiming with this intimidating creatures might not be as scary as it seems. 

5.- Discover beyond my senses

What would you feel if you tried to guide yourself with only the sound of what you listen around without being able to see? This is the month when you will develop your senses. Don’t trust everything you see, sometimes there’s more than meets the eye.

6.- Eat at a buffet until you can’t eat more

The real challenge here will be to get to the dessert. 


7.- Watch a sunset from the hights

Imagine watching the Sun while it lays it lasts rays of sunshine on the top of the trees. What do you think about doing this while you go on the tallest zip line on the Mayan Riviera?

8.- Get through the jungle on an ATV

The funniest way to discover the wonders of the jungle might be doing it on an ATV.

9.- Admire a Wonder of the World

Seeing at least one of the Wonders of the World should be on the list of things to do in your life.


10.- Discover a cenote on a kayak

Nature’s best-kept secret on the Riviera Maya is without any doubt, the cenotes. Meet this magical places that have a unique and ancient history. Refresh yourself on its crystalline waters, discover the animals that live here, enjoy their beauty on a kayak. 

11.- Party with friends

Meet a friend you haven’t seen at any time, go party, organize something special with your friends to catch up or just hang out and relax with your friends. 

12.-Learn about a prehispanic culture

Mexico is known for its rich history. Many prehispanic cultures existed on the Mexican territory, such as the Olmecs, also known as the “mother of cultures” as it is the first known culture in the country. Another prehispanic culture widely known are the Mayans, who occupied a big part of the Mexican territory, from the Yucatan state, up to Guatemala.

At the Mayan Riviera, we have the opportunity to learn more about the Mayan culture from first hand, as we can visit the ancient Mayan ruins on this territory.


What do you think about this activities? Believe you will be able to achieve them all?