The hidden treasures of Mexico

Incredible adventures underground and above

Cenotes, these hidden treasures of Mexico can be found in the Yucatan Peninsula, formed by the states of Quintana Roo, Campeche and Yucatan. Cenotes can be counted by thousands in the zone.

The beauty of these formations has become a spectacle of nature that you must visit when you’re in Mexico.  Here we will list ten of the most beautiful cenotes to visit:

1.- Cenote Ik-kil

Located nearby the archaeological site of Chichen Itzá, this cenote has been chosen for many international competitions of cliff jumping due to its depths of 39 meters and 60 meters wide. It is a must when you visit one of the New Wonders of the Modern World.


2.- Cenote X-Cajum

Located in the Dzitas-Pisté road, this place is a wonder of nature and due to its height, you need to go down several meters underground to enjoy its blue waters full of fauna. This place also has restaurant so it’s a great place to stop and grab an lunch during a roadtrip.


3.- Cenote Iik’.

This ancient cenote is part of the Xenotes Tour and it’s located in the middle of the jungle surrounded by exuberant vegetation. You can enjoy ziplining while observing the beauty of the place from the heights of the Oasis Maya.


4.- Cenote X-keken or Dzitnup

Located in a town with the same name, cenote X-keken has a cavern with stalactites, blue waters and great variety of fish. You can also enjoy the view of its depths while you do snorkel and admire the sunlight through the hole in its ceiling.


5-. Cenote Zaci

 In the heart of Valladolid, this cenote has been the setting for many mayan legends and it’s name comes from the ancient town surrounded by exuberant vegetation. With 28 meters wide and 26 meters high, this place it’s a must in your visit to the Yucatan Peninsula. Tip, if you are hungry make sure you try the yucatecan food in its restaurant.


6.- Cenote Suytún

 Located in Km 8 heading to Valladolid, this cenote “cavern” is located in a farm where you will find a museum where several of the pieces, found in the cenote, are shown to the visitors. You can also find stalactites and a variety of river fish. Enjoy its waters swimming and snorkeling.


7.- Cenote azul

Located in the town of Miguel Colorado, 65 km away from Campeche, this cenote is 250 meters wide. It is an “open cenote” with activities like hiking across the jungle, ziplines, kayaking and swimming in its crystal waters.


8.- Cenote de los Patos

With 200 meters wide, this cenote is the habitat for many duck species, like the pijiji duck, teal duck and the moscovich duck, these last two are migratory species. Cenote de los Patos is surrounded by many rock formations, perfect to do rappel during your visit. In this place you will also find orchids and bromeliads.


9.- Cenote K41

The peculiar name of this cenote comes from its location in the kilometer 41 in the railway. It has an altitude of over 115 meters. One of the activities in this incredible place is rappel, this cenote is home for thousands of bats and it’s quite an spectacle of nature for the explorer who wants to camp there.


10.- Cenote Lu’um

 This is an underground cavern with blue waters located in Xenotes Tour. Here you can prove your adventure spirit  and do rappel descending to discover an ancient cenote where the roots of the trees reach the water creating the most beautiful sight.


Formed many years ago, these sites are waiting for you to discover how amazing nature can be. Take your time, make a schedule and dare to discover the beauty of the cenotes in Mexico.

Have you alredy visited any of these cenotes in Mexico? Tell us your experience.