Preparing Your Apps For A Trip

You got everything set to enjoy your next vacation, but what about your apps? Sure, you got all covered for your daily life, but you can enhance and simplify your travelling experience just by adding a few apps to your collection.

We know it’s boring to scroll hundreds of options in the app store for your device, so we saved you the trouble! Here you have the best travelling apps for your next vacation!

1.- Duolingo

You don´t have to spend a lot of money and effort in learning a new language, Duolingo makes it simple and fun with short lessons from basic to advanced. You can learn to read, write and understand 27 languages with this little app, even Klingon! If you don’t feel like mastering a language, just browse through verbs, phrases and simple structures to help you get through your vacation.

Photo: Google Play

2.- FlightAware

There’s no fun in airport duties, and it gets worse on vacation season. With FlightAware you got yourself a travel buddy that will always have the updated flight info in real time like delays and any related notifications.

Photo: Google Play

3.- Field Trip

You got your vacation planned after browsing and reading about all the cool places you want to visit, now use Field Trip to guide you through in real time. From the creators of Pokémon Go! this app shows you the landmarks and interesting places near your location. If you plug an audio device it can even turn into an audio guide for your trip, awesome!

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Photo: Google Play

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4.- Trip Splitter

Traveling with friends or family is great, but no one likes to calculate expenses or spending a lot of time splitting the bill. This app helps your party to organize and control the shared expenses. You can take pictures of tickets, geo-locate where you last spent, change the currency and much more! No more wise guys skipping the tip or “going to the bathroom” when the bill arrives.

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Photo: TopDown Reviews

5.- Map applications

It’s a must to have at least one map app installed in your device. Chances are you already have it. It’s time to turn on that Google maps or download Maps.Me, both of them are great for online and offline map checking. With these apps you will always have the real time option or you can download the entire map of any city if you wish. Just be sure you have one of these before leaving home.

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Photo: Google Play

6.- Wifi Mapper

If you are travelling on a budget or just craving for a cup of coffee, this app has everything you need. You can locate the nearest wifi hotspot and see which kind of place has it thanks to its integration with foursquare. You can also check information on the hotspot itself like whether a password is required or not.

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7.- Live Trekker

Keep track of your trips with a digital journal that even creates an interactive map with the exact routes you take. If you are a hardcore adventurer, this app even measures your speed and altitude. You can add pictures, text, audio or video to your journal and share it online, perfect for traversing through big places with a lot of attractions like Xcaret!

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Photo: Live trekker

8.- Quik

Everyone loves to share videos, but you can go a step further and create a video compilation with music in a few steps with Quik. It even has templates so you just have to select your videos and done, It might come handy when visit Xplor! This is an app made by the Gopro experts so go ahead and start creating!

9.- Retrica

We all want to show off our pictures and create the perfect shot even when the light or the weather isn´t on your side. Try this app with multiple filters and cool features like multi-shot camera and collage creator with sequential images.

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Photo: Google Play

10.- Alphabear

Not everyone likes to play videogames while travelling, but BEAR with me on this one (pun intended!). Alphabear is a very unique puzzle game that will appeal for everyone, even the casual traveler. In this game you spell words by selecting letters, when you use consecutive letters bears appear! the more letters you select, the bigger the bear gets and you earn more points. Perfect for those boring waiting times at the airport or when you are relaxing after a busy day.

Now you are all set to go on your next vacation! Got any other apps that you use when travelling? let us know!