The best technology

To take the best pictures on your next trip

Every trip you take is a new adventure with a lot of opportunities to get excellent pictures, so you need to be ready always, and gadgets have become an essential part of our travels.

To get the best pictures for your Instagram, we present you some excellent tools.

1.- Waterproof case

Underwater pictures have an especial charming. They always look super cool in our social network. Either in the pool, in the sea, in a cenote or wherever you’ll take them, your friends will be thankful for those pictures. But if your cell phone is not prepared for going underwater, the waterproof case will save the day. The picture quality is not the best, but it’ll work to capture unforgettable moments with no risk for your phone.

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2.- Portable Power Bank

Nowadays cell phones can do almost everything! But if they have a weakness it is their battery, but don’t worry! Here’s the solution for the problem that everyone has faced; A portable power bank will be your best friend in every adventure you take. They are perfect to keep alive your phone for extra hours, so it’ll be ready always for the next picture.

Also, some batteries that get charged with sunlight, so you’ll be able to help the environment and get the best pictures all day.


3.- Selfie stick

Have you ever taken a selfie? Do you feel ashamed of using these devices? Stop being ashamed! The selfies that you’ll get will be awesome, and your friends on Facebook will envy you. I assure you that!

They are very easy to use and compatibles with phones. Just make sure your phone is securely attached to this device, and that’s it!


4.- GoPro (and all its accessories)

GoPro means adventure. These little cameras are easy to carry, (they fit in your pocket),  have an extraordinary photo quality and a lot of accessories that will help you to give it a rough use fearless of breaking it.

Your photos will be perfect to share on your social networks!


5.- Professional camera

Don’t be afraid of professional cameras. Nowadays DSLR cameras are easy to use for everybody. It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur.

A significant advantage of using this type of gadget is that your pictures will have an unbeatable quality and day by day you’ll learn a little bit more of professional photography until you know every function of your camera.


6.- Snapseed

Snapseed is not a gadget but it is the perfect tool to improve every picture. This photo editor is easy to use. You can edit contrast, brightness, luminosity and a lot more picture by picture. It also has predetermined filters for a quick edition.

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7.- Pixlr

This app is a must for your phone. Pixlr is easy to use and very intuitive. It allows you to create collages and it also has an automatic correction function to improve your photos. Every image will have an expert touch thanks to this app!

Besides capturing every moment of your adventure, you need to give yourself a break from technology and pay attention to every detail with your eyes. The world is beautiful, don’t forget it!

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Do you know any other gadget or app that will help you take the best pictures? Share them with us!