Tours are cool

but an adventure tour is better!

When I am going on vacation, comfort is not one of my worries. When I decide to go on an adventure, I’m sure that I’ll be more tired when I come back than when I leave my home. But that’s ok! That’s what I’m looking for, to get in touch with the common life of the cities and towns I visit, to reach those places where not all tourists go.

That’s for why tours are not my first option. Visiting what everybody else visited before and taking the same picture everyone else already took, is not what I want, but Xenotes tour changed my opinion about tours and I’m sure it will change yours too.

1.- Discover the world.

If you want to visit an experience away from the touristy stuff, Cancun might not be your first option, but believe me, there are a few options that will get you what you want. Away from snorkel, beautiful beaches and partying, exists the Route of Cenotes, in Puerto Morelos (20 minutes away from Cancun) where you’ll get in touch with nature, getting into the Mayan jungle away from the cities, people and phone reception.

Xenotes will take you out of your comfort zone and drive you through the jungle with a guide who will become your friend while you’re discovering this part of this adventure.  Beauty is waiting for you surrounded by amazing nature far away from the touristic zone. 

2.- No risk adventure

When you talk about backpacking, the danger is constant in every adventure you take. Personally I like that risky feeling, but to be honest, knowing that everything will be ok but I’ll still enjoy the adrenaline rush. Xenotes is perfect for this balance, you’ll be able to do rappel and kayak in one day, plus jumping from 16 ft high and a lot of fun stuff. 

3.- No worries, just fun

Not knowing what’s going to happen is the rule number one when you’re traveling on an adventure. You might not know what you’ll eat or where you’ll dream or even where to go next, but that’s not a problem, you learn how to enjoy the uncertainty of your trip. But sometimes you need a little help to get to beautiful places where it’s pretty difficult to get on your own.

On those moments a tour might help you and Xenotes is one of those tours that solve every problem. From transportation to what you eat. Xenotes got everything covered. You just have to choose if you prefer red or white wine and what you would like to put in your sandwich. Everything is planned for you to have a fun day.

4.- Cenotes

Yes, the cenotes by themselves deserve every effort you make to get to them. Their beauty, magic, and the mysticism they are involved with are enough for you to fall in love with them.

5.- Live your life

Besides everything, what’s really important about traveling is to discover new landscapes, new stuff, and funny people, but above all create amazing stories to tell. With no doubts, this tour will help you live an amazing adventure.

Do you want to take an adventure like this one? Book now your guided tour in Xenotes, and visit four different types of cenotes with a lot of fun activities.

Do you prefer tours or to discover the world by yourself? Write it in the comments.