Winter holiday in Riviera Maya

How to spend Christmas and New Year

Winter holiday. The most expected holiday of the year is here! It is time to set the Christmas tree and lights at home. It is the moment to spend time with our family and beloved ones, presents, desserts, and Christmas carols. One of the oldest and most important holidays in the world is here.

But, what about if this year I want to make something completely different? Change the snow and cold for tropical weather and sand. Skiing on snow, for skiing on the water. Hot cocoa for piñas Coladas on the beach. Leave your coat at home, it is time to put on your bikini!

One of the best options to spend this Christmas season surrounded by the sun and white sand is the Riviera Maya. Whether you are planning to travel with your friends, your significant other o by yourself. Riviera Maya offers all type of activities and unusual places to spend the Winter Holiday uniquely.

I want to share with you some options that will inspire you and make you decide to spend either Christmas or New Year at the Riviera Maya.

1.- The best beaches

Did you know that the Riviera Maya has the most beautiful and amazing beaches of the world? Imagine receiving the New Year on a yacht party with your friends or your significant other?

If you are looking for something more romantic, I suggest beginning the year admiring the sunrise at the beach.

2.- Party never ends here.

If going out and partying is your thing, here you will be able to find many places with a great environment. A great option to spend Christmas or New Year is on a “trajinera” which is a typical Mexican type boat. You can find more information here: Ultimate Guide For Partying At Xoximilco Cancun

You can also choose any of the nightclubs of the zone.

3.- Unique natural places

The Riviera Maya offers activities that can be done either during the day or at night. This is the only place where you can visit a cenote or an archeological zone during the day and have dinner on the beach or relax at the spa during the evening.

4.- Great shows

The Riviera Maya has amazing and incredible shows that could also be an option to explore during the Holidays. Most of the hotels offer to their guests shows from different themes with amazing productions. You can also find opportunities for independent shows provided to the public in general.

5.- Delicious dinner

At the Riviera Maya, you will find many restaurant options of different specialties of the best quality. From romantic places where you can eat on the beach to lagoon or even inside a cenote or from the top while enjoying the view of the city. Also, the service of the staff in the Riviera Maya doesn´t compare to any other place of the world.

The Winter Holidays are the most active and busy season at the Riviera Maya, where you find any type of options of entertainment, places to relax, adventure and many things to do for every kind of traveler. So, it doesn’t matter if you are traveling by yourself, with friends or with your significant other, during this season you can enjoy and meet people from many parts of the world. If your plan is to get away from the routine and has a winter holiday out of the ordinary, this is the best destination for you.

Do you know any other options to do during a winter holiday in Riviera Maya?