Finding adventure in the Riviera Maya

A shot of adrenaline in Xcaret


Did you ever think that your visit to Xcaret could include a dose of adrenaline and adventure? Xcaret is Mexico, it is culture, nature, it is magic. But now the best Mexico Park offers a new activity to enjoy the adrenaline and adventure in one place.





We arrived to the deck, we were feeling the thrill of living a brand new experience. We were asked to leave our shoes and personal belongings on a safe place. The life jackets- black and red with the Kukulkan snake on them- made us feel safe.

While approaching to the boat we chose our spots. I chose the middle seat, ready to feel the adrenaline rush.




The new activity -Adrenalina- is a ride to feel the thrill of sailing the turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean at full speed. Between laughs, adventure, adrenaline and fun, we can feel the sea breeze on our faces and scream with excitement.

It was time the first 360 ° turn, we take it calmly and simply enjoyed it. Our boat mates announced their fun with shouts and applause. The captain shouted vigorously “More!,More! “Followed in the choir by everyone on board.




A stunning turquoise blue and clear skies accompanied us on our journey for the second part of Adrenalina. The captain tells us what is coming and we hold strong crew of the support bars ready to …! Well, I’ll let you discover for yourselves the last part of the activity.



8 tips to enjoy Adrenalina:

1.- If you want to feel the thrill 100% choose the front row to seat.

2.- Be sure to hold the handlebars.

3.-Follow the instructions of the captain.

4.- It is better to leave your cameras and belongings in lockers or in thebags that will be provided.

5.- Wear comfortable clothes that can get wet.

6.- Wait to eat after your adventure or at least 1 hour before.

7.-The activity is suitable only for children over 8 years and adults.

8.-The activity is not recommended if you have neck problems.