Partying Because…

today is my friend’s dog birthday

Here in Mexico, we love to look for any reason to party. Get together with family and friends Mexican food, beers, and tequila. Apparently here in Cancun we like to party even harder

Xoximilco crew are experts to celebrating every kind of dates, even if there is nothing to celebrate, they will come up with something to throw a big Mexican fiesta where everyone will dance. Si, señor! I mean, yes sir!

Special dates to celebrate in Xoximilco
A minute of silence for this brave warrior.

Without more preambles here are some great reasons to visit Xoximilco. Let the dance, sing, and joy of a Mexican party in Cancun start.

Happy Birthday to youuuu!

Who doesn’t like to celebrate his birthday? It is something that happens only once in the year! So, here is the best option that you have. You don’t have to worry about cooking dinner or buying enough beer for everybody. At Xoximilco everything is well planned. Eventually, you will end the night with new friends from all over the world.

An extra tip: We can keep secrets! So if you want to surprise the b-day guy, let us know before your visit so you can bring a special cake and prepare something special for this party.

Are you sure that you want to get married? Sure? Really, really sure?

If you have made that decision, there’s no way back. An action like this must take a lot of courage, and we may need a lot of tequila too. Let our hosts organize a big party full of games and jokes that will entertain everyone. Did I mention that they are experts dancers? You better come prepared with comfortable shoes for dancing.

You don’t know what Xoximilco is about? Read this.

 I love you more. No, I love you more!

Having a Honeymoon at Cancun sounds awesome, isn’t it? Enjoying the paradisiac beaches of the Mexican Caribbean sounds pretty romantic. But everything goes better when the sun goes down. Wow, wow, wow… don’t get me wrong, I’m talking about the nightlife. This is a golden opportunity to have a real mariachi serenade with your wifey. Or maybe have some good times dancing till your feet say no more!

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Jingle bell! Jingle bell! Jingle all the way!

We use every holiday to celebrate and to be in touch with the traditions of Mexico. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are no exception. If you can’t make it to Cancun in December, well, let me tell you that we have other parties like the Independence Day in September or the one to celebrate the Day of the Dead called “The Catrina party” during October. You can’t miss them!

For how long have you been married to him?

You are so brave! A marriage anniversary is not easy to achieve. Since you are so in love with each other, let’s have a fiesta with Mexican music. Maybe both of you will remember your first date walking around a traditional kermesse eating snacks and drinking flavored water. Once on board of the trajinera sing a love song and keep the fiesta going.

If you are one of those cases that you ran away from marriage, then you can celebrate your freedom too. Divorce is a good excuse to have tequila and sing with a mariachi.

Martha from Marketing is a newbie at the office

One last recommendation to organize a visit to Xoximilico is coming on large groups with co-workers or conventions. A party surrounded by Mexican motifs is good to create a work environment. Also, these nights are good to tell all the gossips around the office, like who’s the popular one or who has the best contacts to order food.

Become an expert in Mexican music listening to the different ensembles you will hear at Xoximilco.

What other date is good partying at Xoximilco? If you already visit us, what did you celebrate?