Enjoy the heights for the first time

Switch the fear for fun

We all have fears, but also, we all have an adventurous spirit that sometimes wakes up and makes us become indomitable warriors. In order to overcome all those obstacles that have been stopping us and terrifying us for a long time, the best thing we can to do is face them step by step.

Six steps to lose the fear of heights

The fear of heights is without a doubt is one of that phobias people usually suffer, and in many occasions we are sure it has stopped them from living incredible adventures worthy to be remembered. If you are one of these people, we are sure you have felt like these at least once: the dizziness and panic when facing a cliff jump to the water, or the cold sweat when changing a light bulb (and deciding it’s better to call a professional, even if that person is your younger brother).

That´s why in this post we will show you how to overcome step by step the fear of heights, are you ready?

1.- Cliffs Jump.

This is one of the most interesting steps, as you will need courage and bravery to increase inch by inch the height of the jump. Whether you attend to a public pool or enjoy a visit to a wildlife park, make sure to find the way to gradually overcome your goals and soon you will be able to manage incredible jumps.

Six steps to lose the fear of heights

2.-Roller coaster.

This is the funniest and most exciting experience to overcome the fear of heights. The only thing you will need is to muster all your courage and decide to go. Once in the car, you will suddenly find yourself in the highest part of the route trying to avoid to look down, the cold sweat will appear and you will only be waiting for the moment when it begins to move. At this point, the adrenaline and emotion will have already replaced the fear and you will be ready for a second round.

Photo: Weird little words


If you feel ready for more adrenaline after the last two steps, the ziplines are the best opportunity to fly in heights that would normally make you hyperventilate. Here you will enjoy for the first time one of the perks of flying: the majestic view of the jungle. Prepare to feel strong emotions, some zip lines can be hundreds of meters long so it will definitely be an experience that will help you overcome this fear.

Six steps to lose the fear of heights

We recommend: Xplor Zipline: Dare to take the challenge?


This activity can represent the end of your fear of heights. When you parasail, you will be floating at a height of about 85 meters above the shimmering sea. The only thing connecting you to earth will be a strong cable attached to a fast boat, but don’t worry, the feeling up there is a lot more relaxing than it seems and the view is one of a kind.

Six steps to lose the fear of heights
Photo: SkyRider Cancún

5.- Bungie.

Let’s go back to the basics, a Bungie is the best way to jump and experience a considerable height in a safe way and most of all, it’s a fun way to do it. No matter your age, in fact this is one of the activities that will help us realize that being a couple of feet above the ground it’s not a big deal and is much funnier than you think.


6.- Parachute.

We are sure that after doing all the previous activities, you will be ready for the next and final step: the parachute. All the fear we had will became excitement for further adventures. Undoubtedly, to jump from a parachute will be your last and most difficult challenge. It’s worth holding on to the idea that nothing will overcome the feeling of flying through the sky, while observing an incredible view of all that we may have missed by not being able to overcome the fear of heights.

Six steps to lose the fear of heights
Photo: CityXpress

We have reached a point where the feeling of dizziness and fear are left behind in the past, we have now enjoyed the excitement of flying for the first time and discovering the beginning of new adventures.

Tell us, how did you manage to lose the fear of heights?