How can a hashtag help save sea turtles?

For the fourth consecutive year we are very excited to start the #Tortugatón, if you haven’t had the opportunity to learn about this project yet, don’t worry, here we explain everything you need to know and how you can help us save sea turtles:

1.- What is Tortugatón?

It is a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of protecting and preserving sea turtles. Mexico is known as the country of sea turtles and if we wish to see them for a long time, we have to take action today.





2.- How can I be part of Tortugatón?

If you have a Twitter, Instagram, Vine or Google+ account then you can help. For each post you publish with the hashtag #Tortugatón you will contribute with $1MXN for the Sea Turtle Conservation Program in Quintana Roo. You may think a mexican peso is not much, but remember that unity is strength and together one by one we can raise more money for sea turtles. Every bit makes a difference.


If you have a Twitter account, the only thing you have to do is write one (or more) tweets using #Tortugatón. What to write? Get creative: you can write good wishes for the sea turtles, why you admire them, if you are really inspired you can write a little poem, just remember that you have less than 140 characters in this social network.





If you are an Instagram lover, then what you can do to help is upload beautiful photos of sea turtles using the hashtag #Tortugatón. if you don’t live near the sea or you don’t have any turtle pictures, don’t worry! You can also draw or paint something and post a photo of it. Remember: it’s very important that your Instagram account is not private, or else your post won’t count.


If you have animation skills or you just like short videos, then you can support from Vine. Record yourself devoting some words of encouragement to the sea turtles, a song, or even a dance, get inspired and show your nature love through a video with #Tortugatón.

Google +

Do you have a Google+ account? Excellent!  Then you can share funny sea turtle gifs, interesting articles and videos. Each post represents a great effort on helping the baby sea turtles arrive home.




And for those who feel that contributing with 1 mexican peso is not enough and want to take a step further in supporting the conservation of sea turtles, this year you can donate through the mexican crowdfunding website: Fondeadora, with the goal of releasing 2,000 turtles!

Tip: the main video is in Spanish, but you can change the language and currency in the top-right side of the website.