Just a few seconds are enough

to remember the joy of life

There is nothing better than enjoying the little moments when traveling to amazing and unique places, sometimes only with our backpack on the shoulders or maybe with that special person with whom we would like to share those tiny seconds and sensations that we will remind all our lives.

How would the life of human beings be without the goodness of nature, the magic of its elements or the everyday natural landscapes?

By Twitter @laurasaija

Quintana Roo is one of the best places to travel and connect with nature. So it is the right place to collect all these little but marvelous moments. Do you remember the first time you felt the sand of the Caribbean sea? That indescribable instant of relaxation after filling your feet sank in the soft white sand of one of the most paradisiac beaches of  the Riviera Maya.

By CadaLocoConSusTemas

How about those seconds of heebie-jeebies just after entering to cold water? I’m sure you remember that moment when you started to swim in a cenote or an underground river. Already inside the water with your snorkel on, and holding hands with your adventure partner discovering the life of the aquatic world. A few seconds are needed to fall in love with the colors of the fish.

By Instagram @mikeriveramx

Flying in a zip line can last a pair of seconds or a minute, perhaps. Time enough to feel the rush of adrenaline from head to toes while crossing the jungle or water landing in a cenote. What did you think when you were rappeling descending into a dark cave to discover a beautiful cenote inside? Those moments of being one with nature are truly breathtaking and we are going to remember them with all our heart.

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At a beautiful place, you enjoyed with the right company, a delicious picnic. I’m sure you remember the taste of the first sip of red wine after a toast for the happiness of living a magical adventure. Every moment of the day has the chance to amaze us and at night the starry skies of the Mexican Caribbean do their work stealing your heart. Look up and capture the image of all the stars lighting up the roof of nature. You are not going to see an amazing sky as this in a long time.

By Chad Zuber

As the great musician, John Lennon said: “life is what happens when you are making other plans”. We have to let life surprise us and to cherish every little detail because the best memories are hidden in those ones. Enjoy all the gifts of nature and share it with a special person who needs to be thankful for life.

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What little moments or experiences do you remember like it was yesterday?