Life begins with an inner change

Experience the great beginning to the Sacred Mayan Journey

A year has passed and it’s time to travel 500 years ago to revive one of the most important Mayan traditions. The time to visit and honor the goddess Ixchel, the goddess of fertility.



The year 2013 represents the first Sacred Mayan Journey of a new era, it is an opportunity to celebrate our origins and a new beginning. The 7th annual Sacred Mayan Journey begins the era with a new route, new arrival and departure as these brave oarsmen embark from Xel-Há towards Chaankanaab Park in Cozumel to seek the divine message of the goddess Ixchel to end their journey in Xcaret, the anciente ceremonial center and paradise of the Mayan gods.




We have left behind the past to prepare to live a present full of abundance represented by corn, which will be the main theme of this year’s journey as it symbolizes the dawn of civilized life and human wisdom.

We invite you to become part of the Great Beginning and join us in the events of the Sacred Mayan Journey 2013:

May 23: In music, dance, flavors and colors we will live the prelude to the crossing with the interactive Mayan market in the archaeological zone in Xcaret at 5:30 pm.

The maize god, Hun Nal Ye will be present to perform the opening ritual while the oarsmen receive a message from mother Ixchel.

May 24: With the first rays of sun,  the oarsmen will depart from Xel-Há to the Island of the Swallows (Cozumel) after a blessing ceremony.

The oarsmen arrive in Cozumel at 1:00 pm where they will be greeted with dances. The supreme commander Halach Uinik welcomes them to Chaankanaab.

At night, the oarsmen will visit the sanctuary to bring their offerings to Ixchel to culminate the celebration with dances of fertility and abundance.

May 25: In the morning, the oarsmen will prepare to sail the turquoise sea to return to Xcaret with their message of hope.




After all their hard work and perseverance, the oarsmen will arrive at Xcaret where the Chief Batab will receive them while maize is distributed as an offering. Celebrate a new beginning and cherish the opportunity to start again with a different story.

Accompany the brave oarsmen and follow the Sacred Mayan Journey on our Social Media channels with the hashtag #SacredMayanJourney.


What would you offer to the goddess Ixchel to live the Great New Beginning?