Towards the Sacred Mayan Journey 2012Training for Canoeing


On Saturday March 31 about  5 am, a group of oarsmen warmed up, took their oars, put sunscreen and hydrated for a special day of training.

The 130 athletes started the last workout before the arrival of Holy Week, which after  a rest, they will continue with the intense physical conditioning needed for the upcoming date: May 18th. With the first rays of the sun they will begin the Sacred Mayan Journey 2012, which pays tribute to the goddess Ixchel, deity of Love and Fertility.

As usual, the community, from the youngest people to the elderly men and women are prepared physically, and spiritually  in the long run symbolized with Mayan numbers into the depths of the sea.  In groups of nine people, oarsmen were led and supported by a boat in the route from Xcaret to Cozumel.

After four hours of training where they practiced “falling” and “recovering” led by coaches Juan Carlos and Margarita, oarsmen returned to the creek area, where they shared comments and received the final instructions for a deserved snack.

We invite you to follow the road towards the Sacred Mayan Journey 2012.


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