11 Romantic Getaway Destinations

You and Me, common goals

Traveling around the world can be one of the most unforgettable moments. It means spending more time with your partner, having common goals and backpacking to fantastic and mystical places. Know different cultures, respect differences, meet other travelers, value your family and friends, change the way you see the life together. Here are some ideas of Romantic Getaway Destinations.


1.- For mountain lovers

Visit with your partner West Yellowstone, a town located in Gallatin County in the US state of Montana. The vast landscapes will make you feel how tiny you are in the face of immense nature. You could run into bison, Rocky rams, wolves or even bears. You can camp in fancy tents or stay in colorful cabins.


2.- A little adrenaline in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

If you practice a sport, I recommend you to  travel to Brazil because is still the king in Rio de Janeiro. You can get a dose of adrenaline by practicing paddle surfing in Barra Canal on Praia dos Amores Beach: a perfect combination of sport and tourism, a great plus for one of the Romantic Getaway Destinations.


3.- Coffee by Brasov, Romania

Once you discover this small and romantic city of Romania you will feel like going back. As if drawn from a fairy tale, the cobbled streets of the city will take you through cafés and colorful shop windows. If you feel like exploring, visit Bran Castle, also known as “Dracula’s Castle”, where you can let your imagination run wild.


4.- Fall in love with the Riviera Maya

Embark on a trip to the Riviera Maya, a tourist area of Mexico located along the Caribbean Sea in the state of Quintana Roo. Also known as the destination of lovers: picnics on private beaches, swimming among goldfish, drinking vanilla-flavored mojitos, flying a helicopter. A perfect place.

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5.- A toast to love

Discover the Wine Route located in Tijuana heading to Ensenada, where you will see the process of creating white, rosé and red wines. They will cause the best couple memories to come back in each sip, and at the same time, create new moments.


6.- Slow fire in Mexico City

Nothing like cycling or skating in the company of those who take our breath away. Going from the Zócalo to Chapultepec Castle, through Francisco I. Madero, Avenida Juárez and Paseo de la Reforma in the CDMX will certainly be a walk to remember.


7.- Museum Tours

Culture is fundamental in a relationship, as is sharing experiences with the person you love. So that your union become stronger every second, visit the museums or exhibitions that you like the most.


8.- Nothing like going to the Republic of Maldives

One of the best places to admire a beautiful sunrise. The dawn is the perfect setting to manifest your love, in full harmony with nature. Truly one of the most Romantic Getaway Destinations.


9.- A day without technology

At least choose a day to forget about work, cell phone, and Facebook. Focus only on enjoying yourself, relaxing and living without any pressure a great show.


10.- Civilization and paradise

Choose the small Santa Lucia for its introduction of the concept of “hotel of 3 walls” overlooking banana trees and tropical jungles that embrace the mountain and the sea, allowing total intimacy to the couples.


11.- Connect emotionally and mentally with your partner

The Riviera Maya is full of natural gifts and unparalleled experiences. The combination of beautiful places in the Mexican Caribbean makes you fall in love with it every minute. You will connect with nature and the other while swimming in the cenotes.


Nothing like spending time with your partner while enjoying this experience. I advise you to visit the Xenotes Oasis Maya Tour, which has four different cenotes, each one has its own personality. You will be surrounded by a different landscape while doing totally safe and fun activities such as rappelling, zip lines, kayaking, and swimming.

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What other Romantic Getaway Destinations do you recommend to visit as a couple? Write it down in the comments.