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Dare To Visit Xenotes: A Mayan Oasis

“This tour is perfect for nature lovers and adventure junkies” as some have called it.  Xenotes is a tour that takes you to visit four different cenotes, each with its own personality. Zip-lining in an open cenote Iik ‘(Air), kayaking through the jungle in cenote Ha’ (Water), rappel inside a cavern in cenote Lu’um (Earth) and free swimming in cenote K’áak ‘(Fire). But what does this tour actually include? We explain everything in this list of 7 Reasons why you must visit Xenotes on your vacations

A day in Xenotes

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Posted by Xenotes on Friday, July 7, 2017

1.- Activities

There are so many things that you didn’t know you could do in a cenote: Kayak, rappel, zip lines and cliff jumps that will test your value. If you thought that visiting a cenote was boring, you are very wrong.

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2.- Nature

A legacy of thousands of years, home of ancient Maya thousands of years ago; Xenotes will definitely take you on a journey back in time, surrounded by the beauty of nature and so in tune with it.

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3.- All Inclusive

Life jacket, towels, visor; You will have everything you need to enjoy this experience to the fullest. In addition to all this, our guides have items you might need during your visit. In case you forgot something, you can buy water shoes, float for your GoPro, to a rash or aqua shirt to protect you from the sun.


4.- Food

Coffee, hot chocolate, bread and fruit upon arrival at the first cenote, all you need to provide you with the energy to enjoy the activities at the Oasis Maya. And when you finish, a picnic where you can prepare a delicious baguette with different ingredients such as chicken breast, pork loin, vegetables, dressings and more. You can also taste a creamy soup and accompany everything with a cold beer, a glass of wine, water or soft drinks.


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5.- Transportation

Worried about how to get there? Transportation is included in your entrance. A van will pick you up at some point in the previously established meeting point, which will take you through each of the cenotes. Just relax and enjoy the walk, while our guide tells you a little about the cenotes and how they were formed thousands of years ago.


6.- Guides

Definitely the stars of the show. The guides will ensure that you enjoy the best experience in Xenotes Tour. From telling you all about the cenotes, to teaching you a couple of tricks in the zip lines. We promise that they will do the impossible to make you spend an unforgettable day. Definitely, an essential part of the 7 Reasons why you must visit Xenotes on your vacations.


7.- Photographers

And last but not least, the photographers. Paparazzi in charge of capturing the best moments of your experience; They won’t stand apart for a second, so remember to smile all the time. In the end, they will show you all your photos, and so you can acquire them digitally and take them with you home.

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Now you know: only 7 reasons to visit Xenotes are needed, what are you waiting for?