Did you know that Mexico is considered the country of the sea turtles?

Help preserve this ancient species

The richness of our coastlines offer the ideal conditions for this species to feed and reproduce, that is why from the seven species of sea turtles in the world, six nest in Mexico and four in the beaches of Quintana Roo.




Unfortunately the destruction of their natural habitats, fishermen and nest predation has endangered sea turtles. This has prompted several groups and people to act and raise awareness to promote the preservation and care for this species. Since 2002, Flora, Fauna y Cultura de México A.C.  has worked in the Sea Turtle Conservation Program in the Riviera Maya. With time, the project has been growing and since last year Google for Non Profits started supporting the cause through its Google tools for social and environmental causes. Flora, Fauna y Cultura de México was the second AC who had the honor of being supported by Google.




This was how  Google for Non Profits working with Flora, Fauna y Cultura de México have developed the campaign “Salva tu Nido” or “Save your Nest” in Spanish. The proyect is born out of the need to raise awareness and through digital tools protect and conserve this ancient species. This initiative provides an opportunity for anyone in the world to virtualy adopt a sea turtle nest and stay connected to the Conservation Program.

The project was launched on June 6th at Xel-Ha Park and was attended by Miguel Ángel Alva, Marketing Director of Google Mexico. The event was transmitted through a Google Hangout giving every detail about the initiative and inviting everyone to become sea turtles guardians. Over 700 users participated via Flora, Fauna y Cultura de México Google Plus page and YouTube channel.




You can also support the cause by adopting your nest. Go to salvatunido.org, fill out the form to subscribe, adopt a nest and share through your social media so more people will join the cause. Here you can monitor the updates on all the nests that are in the adoption process. You can also support the cause by donating from the site.

We invite you to know every detail of the project and become Kalan protector and spokesman of the sea turtles in our country.


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