Love Is In The Air

Propose In Riviera Maya

Without any doubt, the Riviera Maya is characterized for by being the perfect setting for an unforgettable vacation. Its beautiful beaches and colorful places have made it famous all over the world. Nobody talks about this site without highlighting its beauty. This is why it has became the perfect place for all kind of romantic moments, such as proposing marriage. The Riviera Maya could be the ideal place to declare your love in a very creative and unforgettable way. That’s why I bring you this 5 Ways To Propose In Riviera Maya:

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1. Rally on the beach of Tulum

A true dream place. A beach in front of the Archaeological Zone of Tulum. The good idea is to do a rally along the archaeological zone, where your partner will find small signs that tell the way you met and experiences that you have lived together until now. “Here would have been our first kiss, if we had lived in an ancient age” and so on until you reach the beach, where a large sign would be waiting for your partner.

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2. At the top of Cobá

After a bike ride, you finally arrive at the Pyramid of Nohoch Mul in Cobá. 42 meters to reach the top, a challenge without a doubt. When you reach the top, invite your partner to contemplate the view. Point out that the steps that you have climbed are representations of the various moments and obstacles that have been presented to you both in life, but that in the end, you have been rewarded with a beautiful experience together. This is the opportunity to place a knee on the ground and ask your partner to join lives forever.

5 Ways To Propose In Riviera Maya
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3. Butterfly Pavilion  in Xcaret Park

Xcaret Park has witnessed countless magical moments: Where Families come together, friendships get stronger and many others. This is the place to declare your love in a very original way. This is how an opportunity to state your love in a very innovative way is not ruled out. Maybe you’ve visited it, or perhaps you’ve read about it. No? Find out more here: The Amazing World Of Butterflies In Xcaret.

This is the perfect place for all animal lovers, and specifically butterflies. You will walk along a path surrounded by natural greenery, where hundreds of butterflies will fly around you creating a romantic and memorable atmosphere with your partner. In the end, you will find a box with something special inside. When you open it, butterflies fly towards freedom and inside there is a message with a dedication: “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”  

5 Ways To Propose In Riviera Maya
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4. Underwater in Xel-Há Park

Famous for the beauty of its surroundings, and it’s the delicious food, Xel-Há takes the fourth place on our list. An ecotourist park where you can relax and eat (and drink) as much as you can. Small stories emerge from this place. Families, friends, and couples find in this beautiful park a true oasis. And it is in the optional activities where magic arises. In Xel-Há, imagine swimming among colorful fish, feel the current running through your body as you dive to explore. And there, at the end of the tour, a small message for your other half. A beautiful moment to start a new life together.

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5. Romantic dinner in front of the sea

As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, the Riviera Maya is characterized by the beauty of its beaches. The white sand and the light of the moon sounds like the perfect setting for a show of true love, a moment of intimacy between you and your partner. You can organize this through your hotel.

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And now you know it, in Riviera Maya “Love is in the air.”

Where will you declare your love on your next trip to Riviera Maya?