Where to go at Xcaret

if you want to surround yourself with nature


Something I love about Xcaret is that every visitor gets a different experience out of their visit. Even for someone who has visited twice or more can get a whole new experience out of it. On this blog, I’m going to share with you the places I love being around when I visit, especially when I want to have a natural connection experience. I’m the type of person who loves being around flowers and plants, and each one of these places can recharge my energy and make me grateful for nature’s wonders.



Paradise River Route

Ideal for having a peaceful moment, especially since there’s not that many people that know about this place. It’s only a 10-minute walk where you can listen to the sounds of the magnificent jungle, and if you get lucky enough you could come upon some climbing monkeys. What you’ll see on the Paradise River Route is:

1.- Orchid Garden

The best place at Xcaret to appreciate one of the most beautiful flowers in the world filled up with a great variety of orchids and bromeliads that you can’t find anywhere else around here. For the curious out there, there’s also an Orchid Farm where you get to see orchids through their different phases.




2.- Plant Nursery

Apart from the flowers, there’s also a big area special for the Xcaret plant nursery. What I love the most is that each plant is identified with its species, this way you also learn a lot about these lovely plants. There’s also big ceibas trees and surely more that’ll surprise you.




3.- Paradise River

Simply stunning how this river can share its tranquility with you. You go around it on a raft with a small group of visitors, during the tour you see beautiful fauna, trees, caverns, etc. A very hard to explain the experience, you have to live it yourself. TIP: you enjoy it more in silence, this way you can focus on the sounds around you.




Mayan Village

Apart from it being a magnificent way to share Mexican culture, there are also places that become a work of art thanks to nature. My favorite ones are the Cemetery and the Mayan River. Apart from learning about Mexican traditions and taking a refreshing dip, at the Mayan Village, you can have magical nature connection moments.




4.- Butterfly Pavilion

This list couldn’t be completed without the Butterfly Pavilion, one of the most popular places at Xcaret. Especially designed for nature lovers, where different butterfly species inhabit the area. Never before have I seen a butterfly so close, and I assure you that even though you might get nervous, it’s truly a magical experience.


5.- Aviary

Lastly, one of the most recent places at Xcaret: The Aviary. A couple of years ago it was inaugurated with love for those bird lovers out there, and it rapidly became one of the most visited places at Xcaret. In here you get to see around 750 birds from 30 different species, and you can also learn from these beautiful creatures of nature.

You could visit alone, with your partner, friends or family, and I can assure you that these places will lift your spirit. Make sure not to forget your camera because it’s a fact that you’ll want to take tons of pictures.