This is how we honor a life

in Yucatan Peninsula

October arrived, and in Yucatan, we know what that means; It is time to start preparations to celebrate the Day of the Dead. Here we call it “Hanal Pixan” and an important part of this tradition is food. Each Yucatecan family has its own customs, but something in which all coincide is the Pib.

We know that now you are asking yourself: What is a Pib? Well, it’s a big tamale made with corn dough, tomato, lard, red pepper, onion, epazote and beans seeds known in Yucatan as espelon. It can be stuffed with chicken, turkey, pork or beef, although lately many recipes have been made for vegans and vegetarians who change the meat for other ingredients. The pib is wrapped in banana leaves and buried for cooking for several hours.

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The filling also includes something called Kol, which is prepared by mixing the broth where the meat has been cooked with achiote and cornstarch until a thick mixture is obtained, this is preparation increases the flavor. The Pib is known in different ways: Mucbipollo, Pibipollo or Mukbil Chicken. It has its origins in the Mayan culture, and the same word “Mukbil” means “something that must be buried.”

If all this leaves you with the desire to try this delicious dish, you only need to know that you will only be able to find it during October and November in the Yucatan Peninsula. You can find it in restaurants of typical food or don’t be afraid to ask in private houses, where many persons prepare it to sale it. But if you are coming to Xcaret, you can taste during the Festival of Life and Death Traditions.

Xichen - Day of the Dead - México

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