10 incredible photos that’ll make you want to go swimming in a cenote

An aquatic paradise

If you have visited the Yucatan Peninsula before you probably know what are the cenotes, or at least you have heard of them. These magical places that make people travel all over the world just to take a look at them closely. And yes, watching them it’s absolutely incredible, but swimming in a cenote is a lifetime experience.

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Until now there are more than 10,000 known cenotes in Yucatan and Quintana Roo, and every single one of these places emanates a magic and mysticism beyond words. Also, each one of them is different, you can find open, semi-open or cave cenotes.

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Even though contemplating them from the outside is already an enjoyable experience, in most cenotes you are allowed to swim. Swimming in a cenote means becoming one with nature, finding a moment of peace inside a fantastic ancient place.

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Cenotes are amazing but at the same time mysterious. In most of them, you will find parts which are entirely dark while you are swimming, but there are also parts where you will enjoy the vegetation that inhabits these places, such as aquatic lilies, roots of ancient trees or colorful fish.

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Many tours offer snorkeling gear for you to swim more comfortable. But for the most adventurous ones, there is also the choice of diving in a cenote, which is an amazing experience that you will not be able to do anywhere else.

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If you need a break from your routine or just want to discover a new place, swimming in a cenote is an experience that you will never forget.

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