Photo package: Focus On Having Fun

And We Will Focus On You

With our Photo Package, you can capture your favorite holiday moments forever. You will have unique professional photos in some of the most beautiful Cenotes of the Riviera Maya, and you will be able to enjoy this natural, magical and untouchable paradise without worrying about having the best shots, we will take care of that.

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How to take advantage of the photo package?

1. Ask for all the photos you want. You are the star

From the top of the Cenote Iik’, to explore the depths of the Cenote Lu’um. Ask the paparazzi of the group to take all the photos you want, and that every moment you live in Xenotes will be saved for posterity.

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2. Don’t carry unnecessary stuff

Don’t worry about the float for your GoPro, or if your phone is water resistant. Our professional photographers will follow you throughout the tour so that your only concern is to have fun and enjoy the scenarios that nature gives us.

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3. Make sure everyone is in the photos

No one is left out. If you go with your family, friends or as a couple, our photographers will ask you to be together to capture your adventure.

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4. Talk with the photographers

Nobody knows our cenotes better than them. Tell them your idea, and they will guide you in the best way to get that picture that you are longing for.

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5. Smile!

Make each photo worth. Our photographers will position themselves at strategic points during the tour and will capture the perfect moment of your experience. So don’t be surprised if in your photo package you find yourself looking somewhere else.

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You want to visit Xenotes? Book your tickets here.

Extra Tip: if you visit more than one Park or Tour, then I suggest you buy the Experience Photo Pass online.

Do not forget to share your photo package with the hashtag #Xenotes in social networks, and thus have the opportunity to feature in our official accounts.