Visiting a Strange Area Inside the Fantastic World of Xenses

It won’t take long, I just have to go to the restrooms…

We arrived at a place that promised to be unusual. Every nook and detail seemed to have something we had never seen before. I was ready to begin this thrilling journey and a little nervous about the surprises we would find on the road.

Spending too much time in Xenses restrooms

It was time to get ready. A change to the proper outfit and a pit stop before the adventure began. I followed the path to the restrooms and lockers only to realize the adventure had already started.

You know something is not normal when you have to cross the twilight zone.

This is what I call comfort! They really make you feel like home but…this is a very strange way to have a sip of water.

Spending too much time in Xenses restrooms

These mirrors aren’t ok, they don’t reflect the real me. I have to find one that shows my strength and beauty.

Spending too much time in Xenses restrooms

This has got to be the right place for all those complicated business meetings with coworkers.

Spending too much time in Xenses restrooms

Nobody told us we would find all this extreme fun by only going to the restrooms! Wait! Only brave people are allowed here.

What a peculiar way to make you feel safe. You will never have to use the famous war cry “Help! Running out of paper over here!” ever again.

Spending too much time in Xenses restrooms

It is important to follow the instructions that you see along the way. So, keep walking.

After all, I had a little time to be alone with my thoughts at a royal business restroom. A peaceful time to analyze all the senses I was about to awake.

Spending too much time in Xenses restrooms

Do you believe in superstitions? A black cat and an open ladder on the hallway may confuse you about which way you should take.

Spending too much time in Xenses restrooms

We finally made our way out just to realize everything we were about to experience was like a whole new world. During our visit, we ended up discovering and feeling new sensations in very hilarious and original ways.

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This is only a sneak peek of how it is to live a day getting your senses mixed up. Dare to do new and unexpected things. Things you never thought before.

Have you visited Xenses Park at Riviera Maya yet? Which was your favorite part?