We’ve all heard about Tulum, but  

Do you know where the fame comes from 

Tulum is divided into three main attractions: the hotel zone, the city, and the archeological zone. The reality is that this city of the Riviera Maya has gained much fame and relevance recently and it’s not for less. Its natural nightlife attractions, Mayan presence, short distances, and beautiful beaches are more than enough to attract local and international tourists, there are a lot of reasons and places to visit in Tulum!

On this occasion, I won’t be talking about the ancient Mayan city of Tulum. On the other hand, I will tell you a little more about what you can do around this jewel that is only an hour and a half from Cancun, and that is continuously growing. Find out why you must visit Tulum.  

1.- Kaan Lu’um  

If you are looking for natural activities, outdoors, and a place to make contact with nature, Kaan Lu’um is a great option. It is a lagoon fed by a cenote with a depth of 82 meters. It is perfect for visiting on a sunny day if you want to relax and swim in the fresh and beautiful water of the Riviera Maya.

To get there, you must travel just over 10 minutes after downtown Tulum (towards Chetumal), and you will see an elementary entrance. The cost is quite accessible, but you can’t buy food or drinks inside, you must carry with you everything you’ll need.   

I do not recommend staying here all day, you can arrive at 9 or 10 in the morning to find it without many people and from there, depart to the next destination. Still, and without a doubt, this is one of the reasons why you must visit Tulum.  

2.- Gran Cenote  

An ideal complement for a freshwater day is the Gran Cenote. Located 10 minutes from downtown Tulum by the road that goes to Cobá, it is a great treasure! This cenote, like all cenotes, is beautiful by nature, but the particularity of it is that the water is indeed crystal clear. You have visibility of more than 5 meters deep, and you can freely explore it by practicing apnea or snorkeling.  

In addition to the open part of the cenote, it has a cave where you will find bats, stalactites, and stalagmites. This cenote will steal your breath away just by seeing it. Once you swim in its water, you will truly fall in love.

3.- Public beaches  

We have all seen in pictures the beauty of the beaches of Tulum and, believe me, once you swim in the Caribbean sea, you will understand why it is becoming so famous. Its crystal-clear water and its white sand that looks like talcum powder are more than enough to make you fall in love with it.  

Extra points if you go at the sunset! You will be speechless with the beauty that nature is able to create. You can always book a tour that will take you snorkeling to the coral reef, but the truth is that, even if you just lie on the sand, you’ll be able to appreciate the beauty. 

4.- Sian Ka’an  

Craig James

The Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, without a doubt, is one of the reasons why you must visit Tulum. It is the largest protected area in the Mexican Caribbean, and it inhabits local flora and fauna. You can visit and perform some activities such as swimming in crystal-clear water, learning more about the local flora and fauna, and enjoying a day completely away from technology, immersed in nature in its purest form.  

Alexander Ponick

Visiting Sian Ka’an is something you should do when you visit the Caribbean and, without a doubt, one of Tulum’s hidden jewels. 

5.- Hotel Zone  

Adolfo Zona

Tulum is growing by leaps and bounds. The result of this growth is the hotel zone. In it, you will find a mixture of luxury with simplicity. You will find high-quality restaurants without the need to dress up, you’ll be able to enter with your flip flops or barefoot! It is a place with a wide gastronomic offer and a moderate nightlife.  

Roberto Nickson

You can search on Instagram some hotels and restaurants that are gaining a lot of fame thanks to its innovative structures and environmentally friendly architecture.

6.- Xel-Há  

Xel-Há is the closest thing to heaven on earth. It is a cove close to Tulum, where you can snorkel freely if you want while discovering fish and natural formations underwater.  

Undoubtedly, Tulum has gained much relevance lately and will continue to grow over the years. Do not miss out on visiting Tulum and discover all the secrets that this paradise town offers.

Check out this map of Tulum and make your own route!  

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