Where You’ll Find From Beaches To Handcrafts

If you are visiting Cancun, you can’t miss this

The beautiful Riviera Maya, a place that offers from adventure, rest, fun, culture, and charm… I love visiting this place, it makes me remember how fortunate I am to have near me these kind of wonders that Mother Nature offers us. There’s no doubt it is an unforgettable experience that is why I’m sharing with you my 6 favorite places.

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1. Ruta de Cenotes, Puerto Morelos

Located just 18,6411 miles away from Cancun, a route you are going to love. Surrounded by underground rivers that feed the cenotes full of vegetation and surprising fauna. From cenote “Siete Bocas” to “las mojarras” and “Verde Lucero” they all have been an adventure to me, with reasonable prices for locals and foreigners to enjoy hours of a refreshing dip.


2. Playa del Carmen

Located 37,2823 miles away from Cancun, a beautiful very well known destination for being a small villa, with foreigners from all around the world. One of my favorite places because you can walk in the fifth avenue and find thousands of things: gastronomy, clothes, music, handcrafts, art and you will meet a lot of people and their different cultures which make it fun and exciting. Also an enjoyable nightlife, where nobody sleeps due to the various parties around. Music of all kind, from salsa, cumbia, reggaeton to electronic.


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3. Puerto Aventuras

A zone made especially for resorts, in the heart of the Riviera Maya, only 56,358367 miles away from Cancun. It is a more exclusive and secure community, known globally with a tropical touch. I like it so much because it is a fusion between nature and commodities, from hotels, houses, with the diversity of culture and community.


4. Kantenah Bay

The coastal line located 21,748 miles away from Tulum. It is one of those magic beaches almost virgin without too many buildings where you will find white sand, turquoise and transparent water with a significant amount of coconut and palm trees. I am fascinated by this place, I remember going with my friends to get away from city life and electronic devices, in a place where you can relax and set your feet on the ground…


 5. Tulum

One of the most spectacular and famous places at Riviera Maya, known as a Pueblo Mágico: from beautiful beaches, archeological sites, to places surrounded by nature and touristic services. Only 81,3996 miles away from Cancun, it was the first Mayan community. A place enriched by the culture which makes it unique, also you will be able to find cenotes, natural parks, neighborhoods, people from all around the world, exclusive hotels and even great parties at the beach…

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6. Xel-Há

A beautiful eco-park where you will be able to enjoy the crystalline water, 75,8073 miles away from Cancun. Its name says by itself: “Water entrance”, an incredible place to coexist with the diverse marine species found, because it is known as a natural aquarium, and I really like it because it was the very first park in the world to count with sustainability certification, which means it cares and respects the environment. So get ready to walk, go by bike, swim and snorkel so after you can enjoy a delicious meal!



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