Make the most of your next vacations

Essential apps for traveling

Planning a trip can be tricky and may become frustrating, travel agencies can help you to do so but sometimes you end up with a travel schedule according to their perspective. There are now lots of apps on android and iOS designed for specific travel purposes, so for you Xplorers, here’s our pick of the must have apps that will help you plan your next trip:

1. Kayak / SkyScanner
At times our biggest obstacle to take a journey are the airplane fares, specially if you’re traveling on a budget. Kayak & SkyScanner apps will help you to find the cheapest tickets, these apps search hundreds of websites at a time, showing up the web’s best flight deals. Both are very easy to use, the interfaces are intuitive. You can also set alerts and surf through maps, so if you haven’t decided where to spend your vacation days, use Sky Scanner’s “Search Everywhere” option or Kayak’s Explore maps to see where the cheapest flights are leaving from the nearest airport.


2. Expedia / Airbnb
Where to stay? Expedia app has thousands of hotels listed, it will help you to discover hotels with sorting and filter options, save favorite hotels, compare between features and prices. On the other hand, there’s Airbnb, this is as amazing app where people can list and book properties; rooms, appartments, lofts or houses. You can find accomodations anywhere in the world, explore legendary properties and dream house. The app is very easy to use, you can save your wishlist, access your itinerary, message your host and get directions to your listing.


 3. TripAdvisor
This is definitely a must have app for any traveler. You can discover new places, things to do and browse millions of reviews, opinions, videos and photos by travelers about hotels, restaurants, places and other attractions. Also there’s a forum where you can ask specific travel questions.


4. Viator
If you want to go futher on your next trip, be sure to download Viator, this one will help you book Tours, Parks admission tickets, attractions and other activities. You can browse, see reviews, find deals, and have paperless vouchers.


5. Google Maps
I like to know where I’m standing and all the places I can get to in the next city I’m visiting. Whether is walking, on a car or a subway, I recommend you take a look at Google Maps in order to get a general idea of how you will move accross your next destination. The app is very comprehensive and accurate. It also has GPS navigation, traffic conditions, detailed information on millions of places and street view.


Bonus: TripAdvisor Offline City Guide app offers free offline maps, because sometimes you don’t get to have wifi while traveling, this is a great solution to get around.

What other app do you use to plan your trip? Where’s your next destination Xplorer? Share your thoughts with us!