How to Make the Most out of the Summer 

Top 10 Activities

The radio is playing those happy, summer songs that are sure to make you feel a little warmth at the pit of your stomach and fill your head with memories of sun, fun, and friends—summer is here.

Every summer has a story and this is not any different. With such an important date as 2012, these months of flip flops, beach, music, and friends must become the most important and exciting of any year.

If you’re planning a vacation to sunny Cancun and Riviera Maya, let us suggest the top 10 must-do activities for 2012 summer.



Summer is freedom. And nothing represents freedom as flying. The Mexican Caribbean offers some of the most spectacular views to enjoy from atop the longest zipline in Latin America. Feel the adrenaline of a 30 km/hr zipline and land in a refreshing cenote in Xplor.



The Yucatan Peninsula is filled with history beginning with its very formation. Discover an ancient underground path and be dazzled by the beauty created by nature. You will live the intense emotion of uncovering the process behind these rock formations in Xplor that were shaped, drop by drop at the full sight of nature’s patient eye.



Living a unique adventure is a goal for any summer, not just this one. Imagine yourself immersed in underground rivers in Xcaret and exploring caves filled with water like a pro without previous training. Discover the underground scenery that lies beneath and be marveled by Earth’s wonders.



The Xel-Ha Park in the Riviera Maya is nature at its best. Known as the most beautiful natural aquarium in the world, the Park’s inlet is home to 14,258 organisms of different species. It is a unique setting where the mixture of fresh and salt water offers a space to see two eco-systems co-exist. Take your adventure to the next level with snuba: the perfect combination between snorkeling and scuba.



Paradise can be described as the place where nature is inspired to build the most amazing biodiversity. With love and care, both nature and men have built heaven on Earth. Xcaret is a sacred space for environmental conservation where dedication and human ingenious come together. Admire a great diversity of native species while aiding in the conservation of their eco-systems.



Swimming with dolphins is a bucket list must this 2012. Xel-Ha invites you to swim in one of the best dolphin swim programs in the Riviera Maya. Nature is a priority, therefore, Xel-Ha takes special care not to disturb the natural environment of the dolphins and have the best treatment to ensure a friendly and respectful interaction between our visitors and dolphins.



Delight your senses with a delicious meal and the best and refreshing beverages. The world’s most beautiful natural aquarium not only offers the perfect setting to be awed, but also invites you into a worry-free haven where you can enjoy a limitless variation of food and drinks. When you arrive to Xel-Ha, we recommend you order our house drinks: Xel-Ha or Maravilla Natural, Xcaret, Xplor and Xichen. Cheers!



Relax! That’s what the summer is all about. Xcaret offers an enormous variation of activities for you to enjoy, but if it’s relaxation you’re looking for, the white-sand beach at Xcaret Eco Theme Park is your spot. Grab a hammock and enjoy the gorgeous light turquoise blue of the Caribbean Sea, the soft sea breeze and the soothing sounds of the waves. Chill.



You’ve worked hard and it’s time to reward yourself. A holistic experience awaits you in Xel-Ha. The relaxing spa, Xpá, is the ideal location for those yearning purification, liberation, well-being, harmony and renewal. Enjoy the latest blend of aromatherapy and physiotherapy fusions with the ancient wisdom of the Mayans.



Get wrapped up in the knowledge and culture of the Mayans this 2012, their year. Feel the drums of traditional dances and colors. Xcaret Eco Theme Park preserves the choreography and meaning of ancient Mayan traditions held by native people in pre-Hispanic times. In addition, Xcaret invites you enjoy a grand Mexican fiesta with its wide variety of live shows representing the country of Mexico. Visit Xcaret and get to know Mexico.