A Closer Listen To The Mexican Rhythms

on your marks, set…. dance!

Are you ready to dance at a Mexican party? Among all the beautiful things we can observe and enjoy during a vacation in Mexico, there is one that will test our eyes, heart, and body. I’m talking about Mexican music.

But talking about Mexican music is not that easy. It has a lot of traditional genres, and it depends on the region or state that you visit. Here at Xoximilco, we are glad to have the chance of giving you a little piece of a bunch of tasty rhythms. Now, let’s put on our dancing shoes and let’s take a tour to learn about the music you will hear at the best Mexican fiesta in Cancun.

Los del Norte

Directly from the north part of the country, we have the “norteñas.” This music became popular at the end of the 19th century, and it has European influences. Their songs are called polkas or redovas which came from the Eastern Europe music. The main instruments are the accordion and a sixth bass (Mexican guitar with 12 strings in 6 double courses).

Be ready with a hat and a pair of cowboy boots.

Banda del Pueblo

They are in charge of the warming up of the fiesta. It is also named Tambora, and it is originally from Sinaloa. They can play diverse rhythms, from a very traditional song (called “sones“) to a romantic ballad. At this band, you will find trumpets, clarinets, trombone, tuba, bass drums, and snares.

This band can have more than 15 musicians.

Trio Tierra Caliente

At the center of Mexico exists a very hot valley known as Tierra Caliente. From here is where these compadres came. A very charismatic musical trio composed of guitar, violin, and a traditional harp. Their songs can be ancient, and they add a lot of indigenous elements on them.

This valley has very extreme temperatures, hot and cold ones. 


These handsome gentlemen are distinguished all around the world. A Mexican symbol of music and traditions. It is the Mariachi, originally from Jalisco, land of tequila. They will make us sing the most famous songs in Mexico, always wearing a beautiful sombrero and an elegant suit.

A traditional mariachi must be formed by violins, guitars, and trumpets.

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Los Rancheros

Keep the dancing going on! Next, it’s time for the most cheerful at Xoximilco. Playing lively music, they are formed by guitars, accordion and a traditional bass called “tololoche.” They also have romantic songs with their special touch.

Ranchera music started telling stories of the Mexican Revolution the past century.


Son jarocho or jarana is the traditional music of Veracruz. Initially, this ensemble is accompanied by dancers and sung poetry. At Xoximilco we are fortunate to enjoy their songs and their perfect rhythm.

The small guitar that gives the harmonies to this songs is called “jarana jarocha”.

Maderas que cantan

The Marimba is very popular in Chiapas, Tabasco, and Oaxaca, the south of Mexico. An instrument with a lot of history. It is based in the xylophones that came from Africa.  It may look like a keyboard made with wood  pieces. Beneath them are the resonance boxes of different sizes that produce the musical notes. An official show is to watch this group performing Joyful festive music.

The double keyboard marimba (as seen on the video) is a 100% innovation from Chiapas.