By the time I finished listening this playlist

I had my suitcase ready to go

Everything started with a beat or a catchy lyric. Some people say that music is food for the spirit. It can change your mood by listening to certain songs or genres. In other situations, music can help you canalize your energy into some specific tasks that require full concentration at work. It can also put you into a party mode, relax you or maybe help you plan the next trip.


Gif by Nickelodeon


This is why this playlist will encourage your inner traveler. It can be a smooth ballad that takes you behind the wheel on the with a beautiful landscape. A pop rhythm that makes you want to be at a beach party. Maybe some inspiring notes that remind you the time you were amazed by discovering a magic place in nature or the time you camped with your friends.

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I hope that while you listen to this playlist, you jump out of your chair to start packing your things and get on the road. 

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What other songs would be the perfect soundtrack of an exciting trip?