The Moms of Nature

The month of May is special as we celebrate a special person that is always there for us, no matter what—our mom. Mother’s Day—celebrated in Mexico on May 10th—is a special time to thank everything mothers do for their offspring, including our moms in the animal kingdom.
In Xcaret, Xel-Ha and even Xplor, we have a special soft spot for our moms of nature.


Xcaret Park helps reproduce more than 20 species and houses more than 44 types of tropical birds; in addition, we have crocodiles, bats, jaguars and pumas, deer, tapir, spider and howler monkeys, and the successful marine turtle preservation program. We also have dolphins and horses that have had successful breeding programs. There’s nothing more beautiful than a mother and offspring and we’re proud to be a part of this magic. The video below shows a foal, or baby horse, with its mother. The colt-foal was born on January 20th, 2012 and was named “Prince of the Water”, Yunuén in Maya.


Xel-Ha is known as the world’s largest natural aquarium and among the species that call its crystal waters their home, the beautiful manatee has been a part of the family since 2008. The manatee is a mammal that lives in rivers, lagoons and mangrove. Almost 5 years ago, upon request from the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, two manatees were rescued from a contaminated lagoon. The manatees—an endangered species—were living in poor conditions and without food readily available. Since their welcome to Xel-Ha, the couple was able to recuperate and reproduce successfully to form a beautiful manatee family.


As you get closer and closer to the center, you will hear it. The “thump-thump” beat of the heart at Xplor that connects everything to the center. All roads lead you to it and the giant, red, beating heart represents Mother Nature and our respect for Her. 65 million years ago, Xplor was already in the making. The combination of two processes—lower water levels and the infiltration of rain water—formed the stalagmites and stalactites inside the caves that now form the Park. Nature itself created the caves that now make our home, even before the first proof of human life. Because of this beauty, we work arduously to respect and admire Mother Nature every day.

What’s your favorite mom of nature?