How Does The Moon Affect Earth

The influence of the moon

We all know that the moon affects the Earth in many ways, like eclipses, temperature or ocean tides. Its magic and its natural light are so hypnotizing that we stop doing what we are doing just to watch it for a while. But there are more ways on how the moon phases calendar influences life on Earth, keep reading to discover them.

Moon Calendar
Photo: Erick Ruiz

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Popular beliefs

One of the main attributions to the moon is in the fishing, fishermen often say that fishing tends to be more abundant when there is a new moon. There are even studies that indicate that the days of full moon and new moon, fish are extremely active and tend to eat more, this consequently increases the catch.

Moon calendar

Another ancient conception is the influence of the moon in gardening and cultivation. There are even expressions on this subject among farmers like: “In the full moon, cut the wood.” They tend to base sowing and harvesting on the moon calendar during the year, depending on what is being cultivated.

Moon Phases Calendar 2018

Remember that the moon has four phases: full moon, new moon, first quarter and fourth quarter. Each can be observed at different times of the year or not, in the case of the new moon.

Enjoy the moon in Quintana Roo

Cancun and Quintana Roo are famous for its landscapes and its nature, but can you imagine the beauty of these places at night? Keep reading and discover two natural scenes where the moon has a significant role in this destination.

From July to January enjoy a magical phenomenon in Hol-Box called bioluminescence. An event in which the bioluminescent plankton releases a unique blue light by the seashore. The best days to appreciate this radiant show are those where there is no moon and darkness takes over the beach.

Photo: My sandcloud

Or if you want to enjoy a spectacular scene with the bright light of the moon, the beach in Cancun is a perfect choice. In the city, the sunsets are seen from the side of the lagoon, which allows us to experience an incredible event: watching the moon from the beach. Don’t forget to take your camera and your cell phone fully charged, you will have some spectacular photos!

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Photo: Erik Ruiz

We still have other mysteries to discover behind this great star and how it affects our life on Earth.

Do you base any activity on the moon calendar?