The Millennial Generation is different from the others in many aspects

But Millennial travelers… are really unique

If you were born between the years 1980 to 1995, do not leave your smartphone even for 5 minutes and you are very eager to learn new things, congratulations… you belong to the Millennial Generation. At least in recent years, our generation has attracted the attention of the media and big tourism companies, and now these are transformed at every moment, adapting to the new way in which we, the Millennials (especially millennial travelers), tend to choose, plan, buy and travel.


And yes, the primary preference of our generation is to know and experience new things as often as possible, hence the fact that traveling has become an aspirational goal for us.

Of course, not only Millennial travelers love to discover the world, it is really anyone who likes to move, but there is something that we have different, and I will explain it with these 5 reasons why we are unique while traveling.

1.- Wi-Fi is not an option, it is an indispensable requirement

Social networks are our best friends, whenever we undertake a trip, we need to use mobile data or better, Wi-Fi connection, to be able to publish all kinds of content about our journey and share it with our friends.


Yes, we do not really travel alone, we usually go in groups of 4 or 8 people, but our generation is known for being social and extroverted, therefore our social media friends also accompany us.

2.- We give more priority to the price and the design, not really to space

We like the new and innovative stuff. Not necessarily the luxurious, at least we are not looking for 5 star hotels. Gradually the trends have been changing, and today we prefer to spend a vacation in a cabin by the sea, a hostel with attractive but straightforward artistic decorations, places with minimalist style, among other options.


Millennial travelers do not want to spend their entire budget in a place to sleep, since we prefer to be able to get to know the places around the destination, so we are more likely to ay for experiences. As a matter of fact, I recommend looking at 10 tips for saving money when traveling, it really can help somebody out to know how to have great vacations without spending much.

3.- If there’s something we don’t like about the visit, we will leave comments everywhere

We usually compare, we ask a lot of people who have experience, and we love being advised, since we will always want the best experience, without any mishaps.


If there is any severe inconvenience during our trip, we will definitely leave comments on the social networks of the venue, wether it is a hotel, a restaurant or a tour.

We do this so that other people realize the terrible experience we had when vacationing so that either the company or the place is taken into account for subsequent changes.

However, we are not as hard or demanding as you might think, we will always be very empathetic, but still, there are experiences that we may end up not liking at all.

4.- We don’t want to waste time

We are the Now Generation, we live for the here and now. We are very impatient and for us, our time is precious.

Sometimes we do not really need a hotel staff to please us with everything we need during our stay. Usually, all we want is to get to the place without having to wait for a check-in, and forget about the world for a while.

Similarly, if there is any inconvenience in our stay, but we do not see any clarification or response on the hotel page, we will do some research to find a solution on our own, before asking a hotel worker.

5.- We are looking for unique experiences

We are young people hungry for knowledge, curious, passionate about learning and great skills in the company of our closest friends.


We look for creative and new things, things that maybe very few people have seen or visited, and we want to be among the first to tell that experience at the end of our trip.

We are looking for happiness, and selfies in unique and impressive places. Leaving aside the ostentatious, searching for something more straightforward, but authentic.

This is Millennials when traveling, maybe we are weird, but we are moving the tourism and technology industry in great shape, and companies or trends will have to be updated more and more, since…

We do not know what will come in the future, but it will be exciting for millennial travelers.