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How to prepare a “Corrido Prohibido”?

Music, tequila and beer are taking over Xoximilco Cancun and this time we want to share an original Mexican beverage with you. This drink is called “Corrido Prohibido” and  it is prepared with tequila and beer, so you might want to pay attention to this note if you want to be a real macho on the next Mexican party… are you ready to taste the “Corrido Prohibido”?

You will need: a cold glass, 2 ounces of tequila, 6 ounces of beer, salt, lemon wedges and of course, a nice rhythm so you can follow the leader and sing “Don’t stop the party!”


1. Rub the rim of a cold glass with lime wedges.

2. Dip the edge of the glass in a bowl with salt. Press the rim in the salt gently, but firmly; if you don’t have a bowl you can use a little dish. This is a fun and easy trick that will add flavor to your drink. 

3. Now that your glass is ready, you can pour the ounces of tequila and beer into it. Remember to just use 2 ounces of tequila and 6 of beer. You can try different kinds of beer and tequila.

4. This refreshing drink will make you feel as if you were in a true Mexican fiesta. So call your friends and start toasting because the party has just started!

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Did you like this recipe? What other drinks can you prepare with beer and tequila?