4 Mexican Christmas traditions you can live in Xcaret

December 20, 2019

Preserving Christmas traditions  

To celebrate together in Xcaret

Christmas is a time of celebration of being together and of following the traditions that unite us as a culture, and in Xcaret, it is no exception. If you visit the park in December, you will find a colorful and festive Christmas theme. If you are Mexican, you will surely identify each of these customs, and if not, it is the perfect opportunity to know how we celebrate Christmas in Mexico, continue reading to understand what to expect.

1.- Nacimientos   

As in almost all Mexican homes, in Xcaret, you will also see a “Nacimiento' in the Main Square. In other countries, they are also known as Pesebres, Belenes, Portales or Pasitos and can be made as elaborate or simple as one prefers. Initially, the “Nacimiento' is integrated by the virgin Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus, the three wise men, the mule, the ox, and the star of Bethlehem.

2.- Posadas  

While the “Posadas” are popularly parties, meetings or celebrations of “end of the year' for many companies or families, a “Posada' is based on the recreation of José and María trying to get accommodation in numerous inns and be rejected accompanied by the “litany' that is traditionally sung.  

4 Mexican Christmas traditions you can live in Xcaret - Pedir Posada

In Xcaret, you can be part of a traditional Posada at five o’clock in the afternoon, starting at the Voladores de Papantla area to finish in the Guadalupe Chapel. The event takes approximately 30 minutes, and you can listen to live music, sing, dance and participate in all the activities with no extra cost.  

4 Mexican Christmas traditions you can live in Xcaret live music

3.- Mexican Christmas carols 

Surely you must listen to these Christmas songs on the radio, in stores and everywhere, but in Xcaret, it will be different! During the Christmas season, you can listen in one of the most beautiful stages of the park: the Guadalupe Chapel, a symphony orchestra playing the most popular Mexican Christmas carols. It is an experience that will make you feel the Christmas spirit in all its splendor.  

4 Mexican Christmas traditions you can live in Xcaret - Carols

4.- Piñata  

After the presentation of the Carols, outside the Guadalupe Chapel, you will find a huge piñata full of sweets for the little ones to hit it. In a familiar atmosphere, we all sing, cheer the kids who are hitting the piñata and then share the sweets it contains together.  

4 Mexican Christmas traditions you can live in Xcaret - Piñata

In addition to these four Mexican Christmas traditions, you will also find a beautiful decoration with colored lights, a huge tree at the entrance of the park, and sculptures of the Reyes Magos where you can take pictures.  

Tres Reyes Magos, mexican tradition

If you had doubts about whether to visit the Riviera Maya in December or not, think no more, live Christmas in Xcaret with your whole family. See our special Holidays promos:

4 Mexican Christmas traditions you can live in Xcaret

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