A story of good and evil

The Mayan Legend of Kinich and Tizic

One of the things that make the Yucatan Peninsula so magical is its legends. Stories that have thousands of years and have passed from generation to generation. Like the Mayan legend of Chechen and Chaca. It is said that for every Chechen tree, there is always a Chaca tree next to it. Discover how two Mayan warriors ended transformed in these two different trees.

Kinich and Tizic were two brave warrior brothers, but with opposite personalities. Kinich was a kind, generous and respected man. Instead, his older brother Tizic was a cold-hearted man with a ferocious temper.

One day they both met Nicté Há, a beautiful and pure-hearted young woman who conquered these warriors. The two brothers fell madly in love with the same woman. Therefore Tizic challenged Kinich to a duel for the love of the beautiful girl.

The gods were so furious to see this situation that they covered the sky with black clouds. Even the moon disappeared during the battle. Unfortunately, the combat had a tragic ending, and both brothers ended up dead in each other’s arms.

When they arrived to the other world, they begged for mercy to the gods. Both wanting to see their beloved Nicté Há again. This is how Tizic was reborn as a Chechen tree, which would secrete venom into its branches and burn anyone who comes near. Kinich was reborn in the form of a Chaca tree. Which juice would heal Chechen’s fatal injuries.

Nicté Há died of sadness when hearing the tragic story of the brothers. When she reached the other world, the gods were kind to her. Allowing her to be reborn as a beautiful white flower near the water, better known as a lily.

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Every day hundreds of stories are told in the Mayan communities, but undoubtedly the Mayan legend of Chechen and Chaca is one of the most popular thanks to its moral.

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