My Experience On My Way To Chichen Itza

Preserving The Mayan Culture

A beautiful culture, the civilization that had its origins in 1000 ac with the territory in Tabasco, Chiapas, Campeche, Yucatán, and Quintana Roo, as in the center of America. It is essential to preserve it because sadly we have left apart so many cultures and their great wisdom that was useful for everyone… This is why we are going to talk about one of the most important to the Peninsula de Yucatan, from my perspective about what I’ve learned on my way to Xichen Deluxe Tour.

1.- The Mayans did not disappear

The guide reminds us of this myth. We can still find some people in Merida, Cancun, and Riviera Maya that even speak Mayan, they always preserve their old traditional music, gastronomy, and clothing. Some of them work for the touristic industry or are found in some regions living in cabins. It is clear that their surveillance hasn’t been so easy, due to all the wars most of these wise people are dead.

Known for being mathematicians, astronomers, and masters of spirituality, creators of monuments with interesting meanings and with an exact location in relation to the movement of the stars. The way they see the world is exceptional, admiring nature for being their guide that is why it is so important to know about their culture and all they have contributed to. They had a philosophy that we are all one with the universe, maybe you have heard the word “in lakesh” or “hala ken” their unique greeting means “I am another you” and “you are another me”, this is how we know they manifested a down to earth energy, remembering we are one.

2.- Amate Paper

The paper of the Gods, extracted from large dry sticks from the bark of the tree. Its use had spiritual meanings, the Mayans used to fabricate them and through centuries in many diverse cultures of Mexico has also been a vehicle of learning and knowledge. The tour guide explained to us that this is a process that takes days. Therefore, it is not easy for these people to do this process. That is why we should give them the whole credit for their patience.

3.- Mayan books- The ones that still exist and what happened with the others that disappeared

I learned on the tour that the Mayan books were going due to the Spaniard conquer, they burned them but remind us there are a few left…

Between the ones we know written in Mayan: Books from “Chilam Balam,” “Popol Vuh” or “Book of the quiches.” Sacred books about Mayan religion, culture, and their different lands. On the way to Chichen, you will have the opportunity to see one of their Mayan codices, written in amate paper in the form of an accordion.

4.-Mayan calendar

Beautiful, these great astronomers used the movement of celestial bodies as a guide, following the cycles of the moon, sun, and Venus. The knowledge of the calendar guided the existence of the Mayans since their birth. Scientists say that this is the most perfect calendar that has ever existed, we have to recognize it, it is a great discovery with a deep meaning, aligning ourselves with the cosmos and guiding us with nature like our ancestors used to… The Mayan culture contributed so much to the world that is why we should never forget, not even their teachings.

5.- Mayan numbers

I learned a little about their numerology, it is the study of their culture, it shows their story of what they were capable of, I learned that the Mayans had a great impact on our number system. It is believed that they discovered the zero, I found out it is significant for their system.

6.- Equinox at Chichen Itza

Finally, we arrived at Chichen, nice energy, surrounded by many monuments and some trees that cover us from the sun. The guide tells us something so exciting, underneath Chichen Itza, there is a cenote! I learned so many things in this grand tour, it is a pleasure to be in the patrimony of humanity, and one of the most exciting things is the equinox… It is the point in the route of the Earth around the sun when days and nights have the same duration. It is experienced in March and September, spring season! So if you want to visit this beautiful temple, now you know which dates are perfect.

In the end, there isn’t just Chichen Itza, you can admire some other interesting monuments in the history of the Mayan culture, a lot of information and so much you’ll learn, it is really worth it.

Have you already been to Chichen Itza?

Tell us what you learned about the Mayan culture!