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Have you already tasted the marquesitas? 

If you love to eat when you visit a new place, you should visit Valladolid, Yucatan to try its delicious marquesitas.

This beautiful town is one of the traditional Pueblos Mágicos (magical towns) in Mexico and it’s where the Yucatecan culture and cuisine have found new ways to make travelers fall in love. 

Marquesitas - Valladolid- Xcaret

From its beautiful church, convents, and cenotes to its iconic dishes, Valladolid has become a must-visit getaway for those who near Yucatan or the Mexican Caribbean. Magical places are hidden in every corner of this town just waiting to be discovered. For example, in every corner of this town are hidden magical places to be discovered.  

One example of these hidden treasures is the impressive Casa de los Venados by John Venator. This old Yucatecan manor has become the sanctuary of the largest private collection of Mexican folk art. Once you enter this amazing house you can admire thousands of pieces from all over the country; from straw hats to sculptures made of paper mache and black clay. 

Marquesitas - Valladolid - Xcaret

Casa de los Venados is only a small part of Valladolid’s cultural greatness. Just in front of the Francisco Cantón Rosado Park stands the Church of San Servacio. Known as the “Punished Church” this clerical building has a rich history in the passage known as “The Crime of the Mayors”. Walk along the Calzada de los Frailes until you reach the former convent of San Bernardino de Siena, which was the scene of epic battles between Spaniards and Mayans. Each of these stories can be enjoyed during the projection of lights that happens every weekend on its facade and illuminates the former convent during the night. 

Back to our main topic, the culture of Valladolid can also be enjoyed by the palate. In this case, we’ll be talking about one of the most representative street dishes of Yucatán: Las Marquesitas! 

This delicious Yucatecan dessert was created many years ago and soon became the favorite snack for those who visit Yucatan. Its peculiar preparation and the many ingredients that can be used as filling makes Marquesitas a unique experience for food lovers. 

Valladolid -  Xcaret  - Marquesitas
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What are Marquesitas and how were they invented? Marquesitas is a kind of crepe cooked between two steel plates until it gets a soft and crispy texture. Then, the dough gets stuffed with Edam cheese or Dutch cheese and that’s it! At least for the original Marquesita. Nowadays, you can find them stuffed with banana, jams, almond cream, cream cheese, strawberries, and even ice cream! 

The origin of Marquesitas dates back to 1930 in Merida, Yucatan, where Don Leopoldo Mena, an ice cream vendor, lived. Don Leopoldo enjoyed high sales during the hot summer season but in winter his sales decreased. His solution was simple: selling cones without the ice cream during the cold season, making his income a lot more stable. 

Marquesitas - Xcaret - Valladolid

In 1945, after many years of selling their cones Don Leopoldo came up with stuffed cones with other ingredients besides the traditional ice cream and that’s how the traditional Marquesitas was born. 

There are many places in Mexico where you can try them, but the original ones are in the city of Mérida, Yucatán. Find the place called “Don Polo” located on 44th street number 506 in the Colonia Paseo de las Fuentes very close to Plaza de Santiago. 

But if you’re in Valladolid, you must go to the Francisco Cantón Rosado Park just in front of the church to visit “El Tío Batman”, he makes the best Marquesitas! Don’t hesitate to try them. 

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Marquesitas - Xcaret - Valladolid