Macaws Liberation and Flamingos Parade | A new experience in Xcaret


Among the new activities taking place in Xcaret Park, we’d like to introduce two different attractions that will delight the entire family. The Macaws Liberation and Flamingos Parade are unique attractions surprising thousands of visitors who visit the Park every day.

What is the Macaws Liberation?

At 12 p.m., head to the platform located next to the jaguars entrance, visitors can  witness 50 macaws  flying over the Park, making acrobatic circles and returning to their local point.

What is the Flamingos walking activity?

Six flamingos, located in the new exhibition area near the spider monkeys are guided by our trainer by the sound of a whistle. Flamingos undertake a trek that runs through different parts of the Park. This fun walk-through is done at two different times of the day: 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.


These activities take place Mondays through Fridays and are created with the purpose of showing the closest contact with the species found in the Park. Both animals have successful breeding programs. The macaws breeding program won a Guinness Record in 2011 for the number of species born in a year.

Xcaret Park includes fun activities to raise awareness and teach younger generations about animal care and preservation of endangered species.

We invite you to witness these two new activities and have a great time while watching them.

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What do you think about watching the Flamingo Parade in Xcaret and watching the macaws fly over Xcaret?