Let’s Celebrate Rhythm

May The Party Be With Us

We are moved by the trumpet, the jarana jarocha, the marimba and by a sweet bolero, all of these Mexican instruments are signs of the vibrations and joys of a population. Mexico is color, culture, tradition and history that all plays into what makes us vibrate, sing and dance. Music! 

From the beginning of our history as a race and as a nation, music has been a fundamental part of our essence. Our ancestors used to communicate with their gods’ through music in ceremonies and rituals. Music was a very important element from parties to times of war.

At the same time, the Spanish had their own music styles which they brought with them on their journey to the New World. These new instruments with a European character were integrated into the foundation and core of the what makes Mexico dance. Instruments like the guitar, the violin and other string instruments were integrated and formed the elements of our joyful Mariachi band, for example.

Furthermore, with the Spanish arrival came our mother tongue that between verses and words turned all Mexicans, heirs to a rich culture, into poets, composers and singers… especially after a few tequilas.

Another instrument that came from Spain was the trumpet, which without a little Mexican wit would never have taken the importance of today: a distinctive sound admired worldwide.

Just as there are 300 recipes for mole, seven types of corn and 200 varieties of beer, there are endless varieties of music ranging from an electric guitar that plays Mexican rock, to the traditional Jarocho quartet. Our beautiful Mexico, with its immense diversity, offers us an opportunity to get to know it more thoroughly through its joyous music.

With its distinctive style, Experiencias Xcaret now has a new way to enjoy our beautiful traditions aboard trajineras: we give you a taste of Mexico with a little Mariachi, Son Jarocho, Marimba, Yucatecan Trova and Trio Bolero.

It would take an extensive blog and many party nights to watch the diversity of music with all its strings, letters, interpreters and messages. We would love to start a celebration by your side, exploring the amazing world of Mexican music.