A New Option in Cancun

Let’s Celebrate Joy And Tradition

Talking about Mexico is to speak of culture, color, flavor, but above all, a celebration of joy and tradition. Today, the Riviera Maya gets filled with flowers and invites you to celebrate an authentic Mexican Fiesta in Xoximilco. We invite you to join us on this journey through the canals of Cancun.

Xoximilco is located 5 minutes from Cancun International Airport in KM 338 Cancun-Chetumal highway. You can get there yourself in your own car or if you prefer, you can include transportation to your booking (either from Cancun or Riviera Maya). The pick-ups begin at 5:00 p. m. to arrive in time to an unforgettable night.

When arriving to Xoximilco, you and your guests will be directed to one of our trajineras. Each trajinera pays a living tribute to the culture of each of the states that make the Mexican Republic, so each has a story to tell. Once on board, it’s time to begin the journey that lasts for 3 hours. You will be welcomed by the rower that will take you through the canals and the guide, a skilled animator and storyteller with tales and legends that will make you travel through the history and memories of Mexico.

Traditional Cuisine

A Mexican celebration must be accompanied by the delicious flavors of traditional cuisine, and Xoximilco is no exception, offering a tasting of dishes that will delight your palate. Chalupas will approach your trajinera to give you 20 Mexican dishes divided into 3 courses. The tasting starts with delicious dips: squash blossoms, huitlacoche -corn smut-, Mayan pumpkin seed and classic guacamole, an excellent excuse to share with the entire crew of your trajinera. Since you have opened your appetite, you can also enjoy small entries like esquites, Oaxaca cheese balls, and a cactus pad salad. If you have an adventurous palate, then you should try baby crickets and fried silversides.

On the second part of the tasting, you will learn more about the typical food of Mexico and you’ll be able to enjoy wide and delicious flavors, including steamed fish with wormseed, pork in green salsa, chicken in mole sauce, shrimp with tamarind sauce and beef tamal, among others.

Remember to leave a space for delicious desserts: amaranth sweets (Alegrías), corn flan, coconut seets, and of course a Oaxaca milled chocolate: the highlight of the experience is to decide which of these is your favorite dish and share it with your friends.

As the night descends and the stars shine above, it is time to raise your glass and make a toast, so choose between fresh flavored water, beer or tequila and get ready to continue this magical evening. Speaking of celebration, what’s a party without traditional Mexican music? Throughout the journey, different musical ensembles will play and sing for you; from a romantic bolero or Yucatecan trova to a jarocho quartet and a joyful marimba. And if in the distance you start to hear a trumpet it’s because it is time to celebrate in true Mexican style with Mariachi music, ask for your favorite song, and prepare your best moves to dance along with your companions.

To revive Mexico’s Golden Age of Cinema, the trajinera will make a stop in the “Mexican Village” where you’ll live traditions in a world full of colors and flowers, keep on dancing and don’t forget to snap a great Mexican picture.

After a magical night beneath the stars in Cancun, it is time to end the party for today. The canals of Xoximilco will be waiting for you every time you want to relive an authentic Mexican fiesta.