The Lunar Goddess

Rainbow woman

Mayan mythology has told us of multifaceted gods; Who could be one or several at once, male or female, good or bad, celestial or terrestrial, with various forms or functions that depended on temporality. But none matched the power and beauty of Ixchel: The Most Important Mayan Goddess.

Who is the goddess Ixchel?

Ixchel: The Most Important Mayan Goddess

With an origin in the Peninsula of Yucatán (Mexico) and Guatemala approximately in the year 1,500 a.c. Ixchel, for being so ambivalent and representing so many aspects of life, was shaped in a variety of ways: like a beautiful woman holding a rabbit, an old lady knitting on a waist loom, even an old lady pouring water on the ground. This last one referring to its care of the floods that could affect the harvest or to endanger the life of the Mayan inhabitants.

Who is the goddess Ixchel?


On the island of Cozumel is the largest temple in front the coast of Yucatan (Mexico). From Puerto de Polé (now known as Xcaret), a large number of canoes were taken by women and girls to travel to this island to worship Ixchel. They brought with them offerings to receive their divine blessing of fertility, a journey they performed at least twice in their lifetime. The first as a girl in the company of her mother and the second as a mother with her daughter.

The veneration of the goddess Ixchel not only benefited the religious and commercial aspects of the time but also incited the migration to the eastern coasts of various artists and builders, which introduced new forms in pottery, mural paintings, and architecture.

Ixchel nowadays

Today the name of Ixchel echoes as it has been rescued the Mayan tradition of sailing in canoes from the eastern coast of Quintana Roo (Xcaret) to Cozumel since 2006, to visit its sanctuary and perform a ceremony in its honor. Travel better known as The Sacred Mayan Journey.

Who is the goddess Ixchel?


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