I won’t be a tourist, but an explorer of new sensations

Are you a stylish glampacker?

Imagine days away from the hustle of the city, traffic, work and everything: breathing fresh air, roasting marshmallows in front of the fire, spending time with nature and enjoying a trip with natural landscapes, it sounds great, right? Except when we think of all the implications that exist, sometimes we want to fully enjoy nature without saying goodbye to our comforts, if this sounds familiar, you’re probably a glampacker.

  • You never go out of style while traveling

You are excited about the idea of going outside to interact with nature. You wear your most comfortable shoes, which obviously match the rest of your clothes. Maybe you just bought a hat to protect you from the sun, which makes you look good and of course, you wouldn’t go anywhere without your fabulous sunglasses with UV protection.

  • You wouldn’t go camping without these gadgets

Climbing the mountain with 66 pounds of luggage on your back and walking miles and miles is definitely not your ideal vacation, you’d rather invest in an avant-garde wheel suitcase to accompany you on your adventures. 

In your luggage, you always carry your travel set of makeup and something to get rid of the dirt on your face, and shave to avoid looking like a vagabond after a few days of glamping. One of your essentials is to carry a small bag where you keep your personal documents, such as passport and visa: in case your glamping takes you to another country, and to avoid getting lost while traveling. You carry your smartphone preloaded with destinations and travel tips apps. 

  • You avoid sleeping on the floor

Let’s be honest, even if you have a sleeping bag, when you go glamping, you prefer to take your inflatable queen size mattress. You appreciate sleeping like you’re in heaven; it also isolates you from the bugs. Not satisfied with that, and to keep warm while sleeping, you fix it like a normal bed with cotton sheets and decorative pillows to give a more personal style and, of course, you can’t miss your feather pillow.

  • You look for comfort with a touch of luxury

Your adventure has taken you to a place where 5-star hotels are not on the map. Keep calm! You knew that already, that, why you took a lamp with you to light your night up, a chair to enjoy the warmth of the campfire without being eaten by insects and a foam mat for your mattress. 

Some glampackers prefer to stay in a hotel with the basic services such as a bathroom, a bed with cotton sheets and Wi-Fi to check-in at the magical place. Would you prefer to sleep in a tent or in a hotel?

No matter how many categories of backpackers exist, the glampacker sure wins the price for the best traveler, and with whom we would love to share “Xenotes style” picnic.

Do you identify? Share with us your pictures of your glamping experience.