Tribute To The Cultural Heritage Of Humanity.

To discover the greatness of Xochimilco , you need to travel back in history to the origins of Mexico and understand its meaning in Nahuatl: “In the Place of Sementera Florida .” One thing that characterizes this mystical place are the natural resources, traditions and culture that have survived through years. For this reason and more, Xochimilco has earned the title of Cultural Heritage granted by UNESCO.

Until today, Xochimilco has been provided from two main sources, agriculture and tourism. However, agriculture is no longer as important as it used to be decades ago, and tourism is the only resource that remains because of  the Mexican traditions  that live here (characterized by its traditional channels transited by *trajineras). One big element that characterizes the unforgettable trajinera tour is the ingenuity and creativity of the **chinampas , that for centuries have been used to grow flowers , fruits and vegetables, hence the name of the place.

There is no doubt, that the first things you relate to Xochimilco when you think about it are the big Mexican fiesta and folk trajineras.

To talk about Xoximilco is to talk about party, and that is exactly what you will live while visiting it, a traditional Mexican fiesta. A tour in trajinera involves not only a fun tour among family and friends but also delicious food and drinks while dancing to the traditional Mexican mariachi music.

A unique experience different to anything you have lived before, involving nature and a journey to the origins of the history of Mexico. Experience firsthand the traditions of a culture that became a Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

For the first time, as a tribute to the beauty and majesty of our Mexican Cultural Heritage, Xoximilco Park is born in Cancun.  Experience a tour where you can relive the traditions of Mexico in the heart of Caribbean paradise, under a starry sky and a tropical climate, aboard an illuminated trajinera set with cultural elements of each state of Mexico. You will travel through time in a traditional Mexican celebration with music, food, flowers and the best company.