When you see this pic, you cannot imagine how this beautiful and innoxious kitty can become in a huge, imposing cougar. It’s so cute, and it doesn’t even meows yet! This cougar cub has born at Xcaret, the awsome eco park close to Cancún and the Riviera Maya.

This cute cougar cube has only three months and it’s the first cougar born at Xcaret! Do you want to know what her name is? Soon you will know it if you follow us!

See the pics here!

This little feline was born on March 17th of this year. Like all baby cougars, the female cub is camouflaged by the brown spots on her coat. Those spots will disappear when she grow up. Her young mother wasn’t able to take care of her, so for three months, veterinarians at Xcaret fed her and make her feel comfortable. Now we can show it off as a new inhabitant of this eco park.

If you have been at Xcaret, maybe you have visited the Jaguar Island. That’s where the fathers of the cugar cub live. Their names are Vale and Balam, and they live next to the jaguars. Both Jaguars and cougars are the only big cats living in America. They live in tropical areas, like the Quintana Roo’s jungle.

By the way, did you know the cougar holds the Guinness record for the animal with the highest number of names? This is presumably due to its wide distribution across North and South America. It has over 40 names in English alone! In náhuatl, cougar’s name is mixtli, and in maya it’s koh.

What would you like to know about the cougar cub? Ask us! And do not forget to visit the Jaguar Island when in Xcaret!