5 ways to enjoy the Festival of Life and Death Traditions 

 In Riviera Maya, Mexico, and around the world  

We’re already in the Day of the Dead season and that, in Cancun and Riviera Maya, means that the Xcaret Festival of Life and Death Traditions is approaching, but how are we going to do in 2021?

Unlike in previous years, this time this event will be presented in a hybrid way, which means that we will have both, presentations at the main location, which is Xcaret Park, as well as digital, through our social networks. We will also have events at the Xcaret Hotels, in sub-locations in Playa del Carmen, and, for the first time, in communities in the Mayan Zone. In this post, I will explain all the ways in which you can enjoy it.

Before starting with the details of how to attend, you should know that this edition is very special for Grupo Xcaret since it will be celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the Festival of Life and Death Traditions and, therefore, the special guest will be the host: Quintana Roo State.

Will there be a Festival of Life and Death in Xcaret as it used to be?  

The answer is yes and no, now I explain. Unlike 2020, this year we will have a face-to-face event in the park, however, it will be enjoyed with limited capacity, and under all the preventive measures implemented by Grupo Xcaret, you can read them here: 360° Xafety 

If you want to attend the event in Xcaret Park, you can do it on October 30 and 31st and November 1st and 2nd and you can buy your tickets through our website, by calling the Contact Center, directly at the Park entrance ticket offices, in the sales modules, and through Excursion Travel.

What type of activities will there be at the Festival of Life and Death in the Park?  

Artistic Presentations

These are some of the stellar artistic performances of theater, live music, and dance that you can’t miss.

If you want to see the complete program with a more complete description of each one, you can do it here:

Complete program – Festival of Life and Death Traditions at Xcaret

App Xcaret Events – Google Play

App Xcaret Events – App Store

There will be seven presentations by national artists, three of them are:

  • “Macario, el Ahijado de la muerte de B. Traven” by Ignacio López Tarso at the Foro Abierto.

This great star of Mexican gold cinema will be accompanying us at the 15th Festival extolling the customs and traditions of Mexico.

  • “Viene la muerte cantando” by Compañía La Trouppe
  • “Panteón de Fiesta – Concierto para Títeres” by Dir. Emmanuel Márquez Peralta and musicalization by Mtro. Gerardo Tamez at Foro La Isla.

 We will also have five regional artists that are very worth seeing, for example:

  • “El Rezo de la Tía Salma” by Cía. Magia Escénica at Foro La Isla.
  • “El Rey Enano” by Titeradas at Salón Hacienda.

Finally, we will also have the presence of seven groups representing the Mayan Zone, such as:

  • “El Chiclero Fanfarrón” by Grupo Jotsuu´k de Tihosuco at Foro Explanada.
  • “Historias del Hanal Pixan” by Grupo IlusiónArte de Kantunilkin at Foro Explanada.

And you definitely cant miss the seven performances of our home artists. Some of them are:

  • Gala concert “Xcaret en su Música” by Camerata Sinfónica Xcaret and Guests at Foro Abierto.
  • “El Juego de la Vida y La Muerte” by Jugadores de Pelota Xcaret at Foro Juego de Pelota.
  • “Ixchel y la Muerte” by Compañía de Danza Xcaret at Foro Juego de Pelota.
  • “Óok’ot Yéetel Kaan: Danzando con la Serpiente” by Cía. Xipe Totek at Foro Abierto.

Day of the Dead workshops, food, and party  

In addition to the artistic presentations, other Day of the Dead activities that you should definitely not miss during the in-person event of the Festival of Life and Death, are:

1.- “¡Pássenle a los 15ses del Mején Pixán!” at the Interactive Hacienda where you can enjoy storytelling, interactive tours, workshops, games, and dynamics for the whole family. These activities are highly recommended if you attend with children.

2.- Mass for the Feast of All Saints – presided over by Bishop Pedro Pablo Elizondo Cárdenas and Father Hubert Reigner, accompanied by the Xcaret Singers and the K’ay Group in the Explanada Forum.

3.- Artistic exhibitions of paintings, murals, posters, photographs, textiles, among others that will be found in different parts of the park.

4.- The traditional display of altars from the Mayan Zone and the Monumental Altar at the main entrance.

5.- Four handicraft workshops with a Day of the Dead theme in the Mayan Town: chocolate, clay, Huichol art, and coconut.

6.- The favorite of many, the gastronomic sample that will be presented by the three great regions of Quintana Roo: North, Center, and South with traditional dishes such as Relleno Negro, Pib, Brazo de Reina, empanadas, charcoal fish, among others.

7.- A great artisan and agro-product sample, in which you can buy regional products such as embroidery, hippie Japa, filigree, kibis, sauces, honey, among others.

What options will there be to enjoy the Festival of Life and Death from home?  

As I mentioned at the beginning, this year we will also have a Digital Program that can be enjoyed from home through our social networks for all Festival fans who won’t have the opportunity to attend our venues.

13 of the main theater, dance, and music works that we will have at Xcaret Park and capsules especially for kids, will be broadcast through our official social networks @xcaretpark.

These transmissions will be made on-demand on our website and others through our YouTube channel and will be from October 29 to November 6. As of November 4, we will release all content on the festivaldevidaymuerte.com website.

  •  Access to digital content will be free.  

Will there be special Day of the Dead activities at the Xcaret Hotels 


Yes, Grupo Xcaret Hotels will also offer Day of the Dead activities from October 29 to November 2nd.

At Hotel Xcaret México

If you will be staying on those dates, you will be able to enjoy musical artistic presentations, Clown Theater, parades, and photo sessions throughout the day in different hotel forums, as well as a decoration representative of this Mexican tradition.

All presentations are subject to change.

Some that you cannot miss are:

  • “Stanley y su viaje con el alebrije”, Teatro Clown by Mtro. Alberto Stanley at the Lobby.
  • Photo Session with “La Catrina” by Erick de Luna at the Lobby.
  • “El Desfile Alborada” by Ballet Folclórico Quinto Sol and Charanga Xyatil at the Pool Area.
  • “La Catrina Soprano con Catrín en Piano” by Karent Cano and Juan Carlos Angulo at the Lobby Bar.

Hotel Xcaret México will have an exquisite and innovative culinary experience that will offer a fusion of the traditional part with the contemporary part.

  • Gastronomic sample of Day of the Dead and Quintana Roo in all the Restaurants of Hotel Xcaret México: Trajinera, Teatro del Río, Casa Fuego, El Mercado, Las Cuevas.
  • Gourmet Dinner by Chefs Carlos Gaytán and Orlando Trejo will offer gourmet dishes and fusion cuisine inspired by the Mayan Zone at Há Restaurant.
  • The Dinner “El Banquete de las ánimas” will be a buffet alluding to the Day of the Dead served at Las Cuevas Restaurant.

At Hotel Xcaret Arte

For the guests of Hotel Xcaret Arte, thematic workshops on the Day of the Dead will be given, specially designed so that they can prepare an altar to their deceased with clay crafts, textiles, and paintings created by themselves. They will also be able to make their literary calaveritas in memory of the deceased.

Sub-locations for the local community of Playa del Carmen

As it is tradition, the Festival of Life and Death Traditions will be extended with some of its musical and theater presentations at some venues in Playa del Carmen.

This will take place on November 3rd at the Playa del Carmen City Theater and at the SAYAAB Planetarium totally free, also following the health protocols and limited capacity that these establishments already have.

Festival of Life and Death Traditions in Mayan Communities

As part of the celebrations for the 15th Anniversary of the Festival of Life and Death Traditions and as a thank you to the communities of the Mayan Zone that have participated in past editions, this year there will be a special tour for them with artistic presentations.

In conjunction with the Fundación Truperías, we will bring theater closer to the communities of Quintana Roo as a link between socialization and art as a life transformer from November 04 to 13.

In addition, 10 communities in the Mayan Zone of Quintana Roo will receive at home the presentation of the play “Viene la Muerte Cantando” by the children’s theater company La Trouppe, which has more than 40 years of experience and is characterized by combining artistic expressions of puppets and clowns in their presentations.

Children’s workshops created by the Fundación Truperías with the theme of “Retablos de Calaveras” will also be held.

The ten communities we will reach are:

  • Sabán 
  • Dziuché 
  • José María Morelos 
  • X-Pichil 
  • Señor 
  • Tihosuco 
  • Yalchén 
  • Chanchén Palmar 
  • Kantunilkín 
  • Solferino  

Join us to continue keeping alive the traditions that make us fall in love with Mexico through the Festival of Life and Death Traditions.