6 Mexican Remedies For Keeping Warm This Winter

Feel the warm this holidays

Winter is around the corner, and we all know what this means, three months of cold hard weather and no more sunny days margaritas at the beach, but don’t worry, we have some really good remedies for keeping you warm in the winter here in Mexico.

1) Tequila

Of course tequila is in the top of our list,  (We will be very disappointed if you have never tried it before), the warm feeling of tequila in your throath is something that will make you forget about the cold.

2) Spicy food

We have a typical expression in Mexico when you are eating: “Pica rico”, ( literally; delicious spice)  these means that the food is not that spicy, but is just in the perfect point to enjoy it. Nothing better than an enchiladas verdes or a hot pozole with a little spice for keeping you warm mmm..!

3) Dance to a banda song

For those who have visited the north of Mexico in winter know that it can be really cold, and the best way to avoid freezing is to dance to the beat of Los tigres del Norte or Intocable.

4) Café de olla

Not just any coffee, café de olla is the maximum level of coffee in Mexico, it is flavored with cinnamon and piloncillo and the taste is just amazing in cold weather.

5) Sing along to the mariachi.

Now, after a little tequila shots and some dancing, is time for the mariachi, so you better clear your troath and star singing with us Canta y no llores because that is how we do it around here at the end of the party.

6) Hugging

And finally, the best way of keeping you warm in winter is with a big hug! we are all know for being really affectionate with everyone we like, and is the true, for us, the best way to say “hello, thank you or nice to meet you” is with a big strong hug.

How do you stay warm in your country?