Small changes that can make a big difference for the Earth   

That you and I can implement now, no matter where in the world we live  

Saving the Earth is an everyday job. It requires constant sustainability efforts, and the more people participate, the better results we obtain. Will you join us? 

We know sustainability is not only focused on taking care of the natural resources of the planet, but since we are in the Earth month, I want to focus on talking about ten small, but important actions that you and I can start doing today. 

save the earth actions

1.- Save water

I started with this point because it seems impossible to imagine a world without water. This resource is essential to keep us hydrated, clean, and fresh, for all habitants of the Earth. If we continue with poor management, at some point, it will end since it is not renewable. We are in time to do things right, here I share three simple actions to start at home from today: 

1.- Collect rainwater in buckets to water your plants.  

2.- Make sure there are no water leaks in the faucets and pipes.  

3.- Measure, plan and optimize your cleaning processes for floors, dishes, and personal hygiene to reduce water consumption. 

save water - earth day

What do we do at Grupo Xcaret to save water? 

Responsible water management is one of the main actions the Group has carried out since it opened. They achieve this with an integrated water management system that has these three main processes:   

  •  Generation of drinking water resources through osmosis for the water consumption needs in all the Parks and Hotels. All coworkers, visitors, guests, and specimens drink from this water.  
  •  Planning, monitoring, and awareness of water consumption in service areas such as cleaning, food, and beverages, among others.  
  •  Wastewater treatment through 12 water treatment plants which go to the well and the irrigation system of green areas. 

2.- Make compost

We continue with this one that has become increasingly popular, fortunately. We compost to take advantage of the fresh organic matter of the garbage and through treatments, turn it into natural fertilizer for orchards and gardens.  

In addition to reducing the amount of waste that we send to the garbage, the fertilizer obtained from the composting process allows us to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, which contaminate aquifers due to an excess of nitrates.   

If you have plants at home, the compost will provide the necessary nutrients for their development. 

Composting at Grupo Xcaret  

They use the organic material discarded from food in the Park and Hotel Restaurants to create compost. There are two large centers dedicated to creating compost, one in Xcaret and the other in Xel-Há, in which specialists convert what would be tons of garbage into a rich source of food for the vegetation of Cancun and the Riviera Maya.   

This compost is a fundamental part of the planting and reforestation processes since it ensures that the land used is of quality and that the plants develop well in their new habitat. 

3.- Cut back on single-use plastic 

You are probably already familiar with this since plastic bags are no longer used in almost all stores and supermarkets. Although it’s a great advance, it’s not enough. 

The reality is that, even if we wanted to, it’s almost impossible to stop consuming plastic products in general, what we can eliminate are single-use plastics or disposable. 

Three simple reasons why reducing plastics would save the Earth are:   

1.- Microplastics on beaches and ecosystems are practically impossible to clean.  

2.- The pollution generated by the open burning of plastic waste.   

3.- The consumption of shellfish contaminated by plastic waste. 

Now let’s talk about solutions. What can you do to consume fewer single-use products? It’s not that complicated, the key is the word REUSE. Choose to consume things that you can use over and over again, be it bags, boxes, napkins, diapers, sanitary pads, cups, plates, bottles, etc. 

Cut back on single-use plastic

 What Grupo Xcaret does to reduce single-use plastics? 

  • 50 drinking water drinkers were designed so that visitors and coworkers can either drink directly from them or fill their water bottles there.  
  • All coworkers were provided with a thermos with the intention that they use these drinkers instead of buying disposable water bottles to hydrate.  
  • In the archaeological tours, the delivery of disposable water bottles was replaced by a thermos for each visitor, which can be taken home to continue reusing.  
  • 100% reduction in the use of plastic bags in daily operations.  
  • Cloth bags are for sale to visitors in stores, which have an exclusive design of every park to be used as souvenirs.  
  • The straws and food containers are 100% biodegradable and made with materials made from avocado pits or sugarcane husk bagasse (entirely of vegetable origin from sustainable crops) 

4.- Save wildlife 

The conservation of biodiversity is one of the most talked-about topics when thinking about saving the Earth, but it’s one of the most complicated to carry out properly. The management of flora and fauna should be carried out only by specialists, biologists, and organizations aware of all the special care. 

 That doesn’t mean that you can’t support it. Here are three actions you can do.  

1.- Identify conservation programs in your community and support them with a donation, either in-kind or monetary.  

2.- Participate as a volunteer.  

3.- Keep your distance from wildlife. Avoid any interaction with species you don’t know. 

What do we do at Grupo Xcaret for the conservation of species of flora and fauna? 

That is a long topic since its one the Group is passionate about, but I will try to summarize it in the following programs:  

  • Scarlet macaw conservation program  
  • Sea turtle conservation program. (link)  
  • Wildlife hospital at Xcaret.  
  • Conservation, monitoring, and conservation of various wildlife species.  
  • Coral conservation program.  
  • Nurseries and reforestation of green areas.  
Nurseries and reforestation of green areas.

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5.- Use energy-saving technologies

You can easily act on this in your home or business since it’s a matter of choice. When investing in an appliance or lighting, look for the energy-saving option, this won’t only save the Earth, but it will also reduce your spending on electricity. Some of the most popular are LED lights, Inverter technology, and dimmable/programmable plugs.  

Extra tip: it’s not only technology that helps, but also good habits. Whenever you can, turn off the light and take advantage of natural lighting. 

What Grupo Xcaret does to save energy?  

  This is something that is contemplated in the design of all spaces, since, in most of the buildings built, whether for employees, guests or visitors, skylights and windows reduce the use of artificial light during the day.  

 Also, for several years now, all the lights used are LED and the air conditioners, and refrigerators, among other appliances, are Inverter.  

Last but not least, they have preventive maintenance plans that allow them to be more efficient in their energy consumption. 

6.- Reduce waste 

Separating garbage is a task that requires very little work and organization, and if done correctly, you can recover an important number of recyclable materials and help save the Earth. The main benefits, regardless of whether or not your city has a recycling program, are:  

  • Taking advantage of organic waste for compost.  
  • Relief to landfills by reducing the amount of waste.  
  • Prevents the dispersion of dangerous substances.  
  • Help combat greenhouse gases. 

The easiest way to start the reducing waste good habit is to separate it into organic and inorganic, however, there are many more separations you could also do. 

What does Grupo Xcaret reduce waste?  

All the garbage cans have a waste separation system, some more complete than others. The ones in Parks and Hotels for the visitors and guests to use are designed to separate organic and inorganic. There are also special cans for face masks, since, as part of the health contingency protocols, they are treated as infectious hazardous waste and must undergo a different process.  

In the coworker areas, more rigorous waste separation is required, which is identified with colors as follows:  

Red – toner, and cartridges  

Green – organic  

Yellow – cardboard  

Blue – plastic  

White – glass  

Gray – metals  

Black – inorganic  

Once the garbage is collected, the work of separating and distributing it in our two large Collection Centers in Xcaret and Xel-Há begins. Everything that can be recovered, such as PET, cardboard, aluminum, and glass, is sold to local suppliers who use these materials for different processes. Organic waste is for composting and other waste can be taken to the monthly local recycling program. 

7.- Care for ecosystems

In addition to the specific care of fauna and flora, you also save the Earth when taking action on reducing the impact on ecosystems like the ocean, lagoons, mangroves, caves, forests, jungles, etc.  

If you enjoy being in contact with nature and beautiful landscapes and wish to continue doing this in the future, you must care for them now.  

3 easy tips to apply in your outings to nature:  

1.- Don’t leave anything behind. Make sure you return with everything you brought, including (and especially) the garbage.  

2.- Don’t introduce chemicals into the water. Sunscreen is fine, but not if it harms the environment. Avoid using creams and perfumes before entering natural water. If you must do it, use only biodegradable products.  

3.- Avoid making fire. Forest fires have a serious impact on the environment and climate change is causing them to become increasingly ferocious and devastating. 

10 things you can do to save the Earth every day

What Grupo Xcaret does for the ecosystems 

In addition to the environmental education programs for schools and the local community, Xcaret works with programs carried out by Flora, Fauna, y Cultura de México A.C. These are focused on the protection of one of the most important ecosystems in the area: the mangrove. 

8.- Reduce the use of polluting vehicles

There’s no doubt that the CO2 that comes out of the car’s exhaust pipe is a major cause of pollution. We know that it’s almost impossible to stop using cars, but there are some actions you can take to reduce their polluting impact:  

  • Maintain proper maintenance. It’s proven that cars pollute less when their operation is optimal.  
  • Plan your routes. With the help of an app, locate the route with less traffic.  
  • Carpool. If two or three people go the same route, do carpool.  
  • At least once a week leave the car at home. Walking or cycling have many benefits for the environment, and you, too. 
  • Opt for hybrid cars

What Grupo Xcaret does to reduce vehicle pollution?  

 They offer transportation for coworkers with different routes and schedules. Also, they keep all company vehicles with optimal maintenance for their best performance and to reduce their carbon footprint.  

 The Group has also built a bicycle lane so that the Xcaret, Xcaret Hotels, Xplor, Xplor Fuego, and Xenses coworkers can drive safely between these areas. 

9.- Eat seasonal and organic 

Eating seasonal, organic, and locally grown food has many benefits for the planet, the producers, the community, and the final consumer. Here are three:  

1.- Natural and fresh. It isn’t necessary to use artificial or chemical treatments for their cultivation.  

2.- Cheaper. To obtain seasonal products, most of them have to be imported, which, together with transportation, makes them more expensive.  

3.- Better flavor. To sell out-of-season food, it has to be frozen. This process loses its freshness, color, flavor, smell, and nutritional value.  

 Save the Earth, and your body too with this action. When making your recipe list, try to make most, if not all, of your ingredients seasonal. Shop at markets and stores that sell local products. 

What Grupo Xcaret does for more conscientious food consumption?  

An essential part of their sustainability plan is to uplift the national economy and as part of this, they prioritize their purchases from local to national. This applies to the food offered to guests, visitors, and coworkers to have the best possible freshness and flavor. 

10.-Stay informed with proper sources 

 Environmental education is key if you want to save the Earth. Many schools promote these subjects from an early age and help raise awareness among children, as well as companies that have programs for their employees to change their mindset, but that’s not enough.   

Being actively interested in getting informed is a big step. There are many websites, social networks, YouTube channels, and magazines where you can learn about the environment.  

Once informed, a great action to take is to become a spokesperson for sustainability and spread the word. Talk about these issues with your family and friends and help more people save the Earth with these actions. 

10 things you can do to save the Earth every day

Tell us in a comment:    

Which of these actions to save the Earth have you already applied in your life?    

What else can you recommend to help the environment?